Wednesday, August 24, 2016

I totally get it, Kid 3. Back to school edition 2016

First the news.  The boys went back to school this week and they looked like this:  GROWN.

Which prompted me to look closely at myself in the mirror and plan a new anti-aging routine.  

Holy Cow.  When did we all grow up?

Here's how their first few days went....

Kid 3 got teased about his shoes and came running home to change.  Luckily we live two blocks away and the shoes he was teased for were made for running.   It totally made me remember when I started 7th grade and wondered what I wore.  I think it was some kind of hippie-chic tunic top with brown pants, but not the cool kind that flared at the ankle.  And I wore glasses.  With thick lenses because I was visually challenged.  Had I lived 2 blocks away, I probably would've run home, too.  I totally get it, Kid 3.  

Kid 2 started high school Monday morning, and as of Wednesday morning, claims that this is the longest school year he has ever experienced.  It can only go up from here. 

And Kid 1 is back in football and wants to hit things.  We've decided football does very little to get his energies out, but instead makes him even more aggressive toward his brothers.  Just a little tip, Kids 2 and 3... always turn on lights before you enter a room and look behind every door before you step in.  There's a right tackle lurking in there and ready for some football.

But let me assure you that I prayed over those boys before they started the new year.  Kid 1 acted like I was not doing the whole laying on of hands thing as I prayed over his giant 16 year old body.  In fact he may or may not have tried to look at his phone and pretend I was invisible and mute. 

I prayed for safety and courage and cautious adventure.  I prayed for discernment and wise choices, and simply for a friend to sit with at lunch.  I prayed for good to always win over bad and for intervention at times when  needed the most.  And I prayed for the patience and guidance of every coach and teacher that would influence my kiddos this year.  Then I prayed for old friends and new, and for us all to just come home safely to each other at the end of each day.  

Y'all, the boys just wanted to go to sleep by the time I was done with them.  God bless them one and all.  

And finally, in Fireman Dave news, last week I texted him at work to tell him that the dryer wasn't working.  Because to me that was a serious emergency.  But then he responded, after about 100 years, and said he was busy doing this.

So no, he couldn't fix the dryer.  Thanks to another fireman who took this picture and actually got a photo of more than Fireman Dave's backside at a fire. 

Other than that, I've been enjoying some quiet afternoons at home and wondering where they've been all my life.   

More to come soon.....  I'm thinking about my back to school years, a whole lot about my grandparents who took a lot of care of us back then, and trying to place some thoughts in order.  And I'm praying over some ideas right now.  

Including my fall wardrobe.  

post script... no y'all.  I have not actually prayed over my fall wardrobe, however much it needs it.  But I am giving it some serious thought, hoping that I find some darling yet reasonably priced ankle boots, soft sweaters and pants that don't squeeze my tummy.  

post post script.... Really, I just want to wear pajamas all day every day.  A girl can dream. 

Monday, August 15, 2016

I'm good

Yesterday I was at Target getting a last minute birthday gift for Kid 3.  And I mean really last minute because while I was at there, he was home by himself turning 13. 

And while I was there I saw someone I know ... who sweetly stopped and asked me how I'm doing with missing my friend.  In case you're new here, I lost my friend Debi almost 3 months ago.  

My short definition of Debi?  .... A life well lived and full of fun  - and really the first person that I called friend in a very long time.   And I'm fairly sure the first person to call me friend in just as long.

So here's what my answer was to the question about missing my friend.  I'm good.  But I hate driving by her house and seeing her car parked outside and thinking she's there.  Then remembering she's not.

But mostly I remember she's gone because everyday I look at my phone and no one has called or texted.  No one not named Walters, anyway.  

Last night I dreamed that I was helping Debi with a side business she started.  So while she was in the other room being a nurse, I was in her bathroom selling clothes.  Lots of clothes.  In the bathroom.  Which was an award winning weird dream because I know for a fact that Debi would never run any sort of boutique unless it involved a drive up beer window out the back of her suburban. 

And I have to say that maybe I miss just having someone who knew me and understood me - quirks and all - food texture issues, aversions to stiff and scratchy clothes and my constant attempt at becoming a hermit. 

Yesterday Kid 3 turned 13, and yesterday marked the 5th year that I've had no contact with my mom and brother.  Because they chose pride and hate over getting along.  And 5 years ago I had to explain to Kid 3 why they couldn't come to his party, and I had to decide where to draw the line between what's acceptable and right and what's bad for me and my kids. 

Really I had to decide what was safe and positive for us all.  And I promise that these years haven't been easy in keeping my faith in that decision.  

But gosh I got really lucky to fill that emptiness with a friend.  Because I had been looking everywhere to fill that space. 

Yes I miss her.  Yes I miss my phone making that texting sound and knowing someone was including me in her day.  And I miss being able to tell her that I have a giant hole in my shower wall right now.  And that the dryer broke and can I bring over the wet wash for her to dry.  Please and thank you?

And that Kid 3 turned 13 yesterday. 

post script...
For my sweet Kid 3....

There are so many things I want you to know that you will never learn in school.  Like how important you are to the world around you and your role to play in the BIG picture.  God's big picture.   And how things like your kindness outshine what this world way too often considers important.  

So... my wonderful 13 year old boy, today and every day, your mom thinks you are the greatest gift I have ever received.