Who Am I? Meet Kristi

Hi Y'all,... I'm Kristi,   -  wife, mom, and.... well, that's about it.  Oh, and I teach fitness classes part time, about 15 hours a week.  But for the most part, my family is my job and my love.  Oh,... and I write this blog!  I almost forgot. 

I'm married to a firefighter/paramedic, and mom to three boys ages 17, 16 and 14.  So with hubby's on again off again schedule, I have to be the constant around here.... the constant cook, housekeeper, driver and referee.

So... why the blog?  A few years ago I started having some crazy pants, random  - and might I add hella scary...panic attacks.  Occasional and unpredictable, but oh my gosh, the real thing.  The give - me - a - bag - to - breathe - in kind of panic where my heart rate soared, I couldn't get enough air to save my life,  and I got hot.  Lord help me I'm so hot kind of hot... And I had no idea why it started so out of the blue.  It wasn't the stress of being wife and mom and work and cooking and all that.... it never happened during the busy times.  It happened when I sat still - and my mind had time to do mean things.  To think things that I didn't even know I was thinking.  Because I could never put a name on it.  I just knew that I didn't want it anymore.  And I didn't want to become dependent on my husband or anyone else to tell me I wasn't gonna die that very minute.  I wanted to learn to tame the beast myself - so I knew I could when I needed to.  

And for the record, it's all pretty good now... but now I'm one of those people that can say I've been there.

So I started writing. And not about panic attacks.  Just writing.... to myself and for myself... and some of the better things I shared with friends on Facebook.  But seeing that I think I'm supposed to limit my words on there - and I just don't.... I think some people blocked me or at least sighed when they saw me post again.  So the blog was born.  Oh, and I thought the blog was a good idea to preserve my thoughts for our kids - in case one day they want to know mom thought about anything other than vacuuming and the best color preserving shampoo. 

The blog was originally called Angels, Pirates and Thieves - and what an awesome title that was for me for many years  ....  Here's the story on that one.... One day a while back after a hectic day with the boys - when Kid 3 hurled a sandwich across the table at a restaurant - in front of God and everybody - I sat down and wrote a post about .... stuff.  About sandwich throwing, tantrums, discipline, and still lovin' them all just the same.  And I thought about how my guys pillage and plunder and leave devastation in their wake - but manage to steal my heart again and again each new day... and there ya go.  I crazy love them.  
  1. Christi Harris-LazaroOctober 16, 2013 at 1:26 PM

    Love it!!

  2. Kristi, love the way you write. Your blog is a wonderful idea! It is so charming and inspirational reading each post! You make a difference in my life by making it richer every day! Glad the Lord has given you such a keen humor, a happy home and the love for Him and the blessings (kiddos) he has given you! WRITE ON!!!

  3. I found you from FMF, and loved reading this. I always say I raised 3 cowboys. They are now 21, 23, and 29.What joys and blessings. Enjoy, Enjoy, enjoy. Even sandwich throwing. I so enjoyed reading this!

  4. Kristi, I can't believe I see my comment above from about 20 months ago. My 21 year old is now 23 and just left to go to Redding California, actually six days ago and they are just arriving! I found a quote from you that I thought was beautiful and for my "empty nest therapy" I have been going through my notes so I checked back here because I wanted to use the quote in a short blog tonight (so I could clear out my notes) and I wanted to link to you. Now I've read about "naked boys" and then again about you and your pirates! So refreshing. You are absolutely an amazing writer. I hope you don't mind the use of your quote. I'm linking it to you! Have a wonderful week with your family!

  5. I absolutely love this and thank you Kristi for being in Loyce's life!


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