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Monday, September 2, 2013

Joining up with lots of other writers for 5 Minute Friday.... where each Friday at Lisa Jo's blog,  she gives a writing prompt.  Ready, set, go.... just write from your heart for 5 minutes.  Share and repeat the next week.  And it doesn't have to be perfect,.... which is super great because I'm not either. 

Five Minute Friday
The prompt last Friday was WORSHIP.... here's what my kitchen timer allowed me to come up with in 5.

Worthy of worship, worthy of praise.  Worthy of honor and glory.  Worthy of all of the offerings we bring. Worthy of all of the songs that we sing.  You are worthy -  Father, Creator,... Worthy - Savior, Sustainer. You are worthy of worship and praise.  (Baptist Hymnal, song title, Worthy of Worship) 

This song, this  hymn, can bring my heart full circle from grocery planning and to do lists, to actually listening (like I'm supposed to) in worship.  This is the song that can take away all the distractions of fidgeting kids and musical pew seats trying to stop the fuss... and make me feel.  It brings me to the place I have waited to be, needed to be,  for that week and probably more.  I love whoever wrote this song.

I find with kids, that worship - big church - is less meaningful for me than the quiet of being at home or out in the yard listening to them play.  Or sitting here writing.... because at those times, I recognize the gifts.  Gifts from a God that loves me so very much that he gives me eyes to see and a heart to feel things along the way... things that turn into stories of our everyday blessings.  
But a thoughtful mind and worshipful heart can happen anywhere if I just let it.  Or notice it.  And worship for us, big church, again, as the boys call it.... is a regular part of our week.  Like it or not, my little loves. Because it is a time to give back to God what he has given to us every minute of each day... and we never had to ask.  And for that,.... that hour of paying attention and listening and joining together with like hearts, minds and believers just doesn't seem enough in return. 

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