For my friend

Y'all, I needed to write this today.  

Here is my list of top reasons why I love my friend, Debi.  Please continue praying for her health.  

1.  She makes me laugh.  EVERY DAY.  Really, every day. 

2.  I make her laugh.  I don't know how often, but often enough that she sticks around. 

3.  She brings me soup when I'm sick. 

4.  She brings my dog medicine when she is sick.

5.  She takes me to tattoo and piercing places to get my ear cartilage pierced.  Then takes pictures when I scream. 

6.  She told me her secret to her famous potato salad. 

7.  She has almost any obscure item you might ever need, either in her pantry or her attic.  Sometimes in the back of her car or her purse.

8.  I trust her with my kids and she trusts me with hers. 

9.  We like to sit in my front yard chairs and talk about life.  

10.  She brings me surprises she found on the clearance rack at Target. 

11.  She always leaves me a pot of flowers on my porch to mark the beginning of the fall season. 

12.  She has never forgotten my birthday. 

13.  Once she asked me if I would bail her out of jail should the need arise.  I said yes even though she was in another state at the time.  I know she would do the same for me. 

14. She's teaching me to care about things that are important and not to care about things that aren't. I'm still learning.

15.  She loves Jesus.  Maybe even more than I do. 

16.  She always calls and asks if I need anything while she's at the store. 

17.  There are more texts on my phone between the two of us than anyone.  Even my husband. 

18.  She likes sports and beer and dirty jokes.  I don't like any of those things.  But we like each other. 

19.  She shares her mom with me. 

20.  And the most important thing of all, she taught me how to  be a friend. 

Because I really just didn't know.  I have been more than blessed by the people that have come in and out of my life over the years.  But there have been very few who have shared and cared and been with me longer than a season. And that is probably my most prominent character flaw.  

What's that?  You think my most prominent flaw is the part of me that's somewhat shallow and selfish and spends too much time looking in the mirror to make sure my teeth are white enough? You may be right.  Both are in the top 5 for sure.     

And I have no good college roommate stories to tell because I never could keep one longer than a year.  And no one to be a bridesmaid which was totally okay with me because I don't love big weddings and didn't have one.  

But y'all.  Loneliness is a built in part of me.  Like windshield wipers on a car - completely standard issue.  And there was a time several years back that my loneliness hurt so much that I started praying for a real friend.  Then out of the blue, one day picking up the boys after school, a gal started talking to me like she had known me forever.  And she's been a part of my days ever since.  

Several times over the years she's told me that God told her we would be friends.  And I would've never believed that had she not been the answer to my prayer.  

And no matter what or where or who since that first day, she has continually promised me through her presence that a friend loves at all times.  

I write this with a grieving heart as I watch her suffer through a very painful illness.  And so many people who love her are waiting to see what's next.  

But today, there's this.  

Y'all, feel free to share your own stories in the comments.  I feel like we need to have Debi party around here and my blog and I are happy to host.  

How the Walters family ruined a good thing

This is the story of how Kid 3 was denied admission to an expensive private school that would've met his unique educational needs.  Or in other words... how the Walters family ruined a good thing.  There's also a couple of news bulletins about my hair in here because I know you live for that. 

1.  This part is self explanatory.  I may or may not have been mean not very nice to the school secretary.  But she started it and I'm not one to back down from a verbal challenge.  

2.  Kid 3 visited the school last week and got in trouble for touching someone's Smart Board.  And he knows that's rule #1 around here... Keep your hands off other people's Smart Boards.  Seriously, I'm just kidding.  I have no idea what a smart board is.  But obviously he shouldn't have touched it.  That and he may or may not have had an attitude similar to mine the day of his visit.  It's a curse.  

3.  AND... 

Fireman Dave went into the school looking like this.  Here's that story. 

Almost three weeks ago we went to the zoo for some together time and to watch Kid 3's eye swell to epic proportions.  I sent him to school the next day, hoping it might be allergies but then ended up picking him up after he scared other children.  Enter doctor visit #1.  There were several more to come.

The doctor gave him the standard medication for pink eye that didn't do a darn thing.  So two days later I took him to his pediatrician who prescribed a different ineffectively expensive medication.  However, this doctor showed lots of personal concern for his scary eye and I applaud her for that. 

Then 5 days into the infection we ended up taking him to the ophthalmologist who made oooh and aaahhh sounds and pronounced it a rare form of viral pink eye -  because my kids can't get just the regular pink eye kind of pink eye.  So we tried a third medication that cost $200 for about 5 drops in a bottle.  

Kid 3 ended up missing 6 days of school plus his major end of course exams which did him no favors since we're still threatened with the idea of summer school in place of a summer vacation.

And in the task of taking care of Kid 3, Fireman Dave got the eye plague as well and missed 4 shifts at work.  I take that back, he tried to go to work last week but the guys sent him home after making the sign of the cross and wrapping his car in red caution tape.  (For all y'all non firemen, that's 12 days at home with him complaining and looking awful. I actually haven't even made eye contact with him in about 2 weeks - afraid that if I look at him, it might jump into my own eyes.)

Kid 1 also caught it and I had to go out and buy him some new glasses since his contacts are off limits for a while and since he and honorary Kid 4 broke his other pair wrestling.

So far this case of pink eye has cost the Walters family well over $1000 which would've been much better spent on a trip to Disney World.  Kid 2 and I are holding out all hope that we might avoid this one and I sent a direct message to God to please give me a tummy virus in it's place if he has any mercy.

Y'all, it's bad.  I never even heard of anything like this before.  But apparently Southwestern Medical School has and has dedicated an entire article about how it could last the rest of your life and/or cause you to be socially scorned for years to come.  (And cause you to be denied admission to a primo school that could've worked wonders for your learning different child. )

The Walters family isn't pretty right now.  End of story on that one.

Earlier in the week I got the privilege of taking over the Dallas Moms Blog Instagram account and spreading a little Kristi love throughout Dallas.

Here was my fancy introduction and I love it simply because my hair is fixed in this picture and I'm not sweaty.

What else? 

Kid 2 is attending his 8th grade Ball tonight to celebrate the end of middle school.  Hello young James Bond.  You are 100% adorable.  

And you know I made him take a picture with his mama... and I wish I could tell you I had at least showered after work for this one. 

And Kid 1 played in his jazz band last night for their spring concert.  Have I ever told you how simply amazing this group of kids is?  Well they are... and I'm not just saying that because I love the guitar player.  This is such a dedicated group of young people and their teacher is a super star.  A super star in the public school system that deserves recognition for all she does. Here's a clip from the show....

And did I mention that I think they're all cutie pies in their suspenders?  

And the last bit of news?  I really really really need a good self tanner.

That is all.  Love to you and you and you this week. 

post script... the REAL last bit of news is more of a request please.  Please pray for my dearest, sweetest friend in the world as she has been transitioned into end stage care.  And for me, that I figure out how to let go of someone that I love.  

Now, how can I pray for you this week?  You can tell me in the comments or click my little email button over on the side to send it to me privately.  

That's really really really what I want

I've taken a few weeks away from writing.  A brain vacation I guess.  And I missed you.  And I missed writing my usual posts filled with useless, nonsense news that some of y'all enjoy - and I do, too, to tell the truth.  There is a certain beauty in the everyday happenings of people who look for beauty in everyday happenings.  You may quote me.

But here's the deal.  The last post I published was late on a weeknight - and I didn't really expect giant numbers of readers.  But I still checked.  I checked when I got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.  Because right there - that, all by itself, is a perfect example of what I really am.

I want to be liked.  And truth be told, every time I hit the publish button I decide if it would be best to go ahead and do it - putting myself out there in words and spirit as I try to do - or just take a naked picture of myself and post that instead.  I honestly don't know which would draw the most readers and I don't really want to debate the ins and outs of the option, but you know what I  mean.

Would it be easier for me to bare my naked middle aged body or my soul -  which I do here week after week on the blog.  And fyi.... I actually used to be a big supporter of the bikini.  And it never occurred to me that I was just wearing underwear made of quick dry fabric, until I got a bit older.

Because with age, as with many things, consciousness grows.  We become more learned and more adept at things that we never imagined.  And we begin to use words like adept.

And we start searching for more truth than ever mattered to us before.  Because before, all that mattered was what seemed right and made me feel good about myself as compared to everyone else.  I've always had a bit of an esteem issue.  Still do.  Thank you mom for that.

And the funny part is that I love my front and center microphone on kind of job more than I have words to express.  Husband says I take on an entirely different personality at work than the girl he lives with here.  Right or wrong, I'll always love you... as the great George Strait sings....  and he does.  Thanking my lucky stars for that.

But what I want to find for myself is that same security.  In myself and about myself.  Maybe you remember that I started this blog during a season of stress for me - otherwise known in my memory, anyway,  as the Age of Panic.  Not to be confused with the prehistoric age or the stone age.  And I remember at first when the attacks would happen, that my first instinct was that I was surely gonna die.  Right then and there and hoping that I looked good enough for whatever adorable firemen were going to come to  my aid.  Then my second instinct was to call Fireman Dave.  Because he could always soothe the savage beast and make me 90% sure that I was indeed going to live past the panic.

But I learned quickly that I didn't want to have him on speed dial for every occasion.  First of all, that gets a little tiring as far as wives go.  And second, I wanted to make sure I could handle it myself.  Rather, I wanted to make sure I could handle myself.  So I've learned to calm the beast as she starts to peek around the corner at me, as I feel my breathing to start to race and my heart feel like I'm climbing the world's tallest mountain.  And I learned to take slow breaths because the air is there, even when my mind says it's not.  And I've learned to step away from whatever and whoever, and take a minute to show myself some strength.

But every time I step out there on a bit of courage to share my words, I still feel afraid.  Afraid that no one will read.  Afraid that no one will like.  Afraid that no one will laugh.  Or maybe afraid that you will.  Like David's Goliath, insecurity looks down on me like a giant - looking at a child far too small to do big things.   And that's when I look to the readers to push that ridiculous like button and make me feel a bit bigger about myself.

Y'all, that's not what I want.  But secretly, that's really really really what I want.  And that was the biggest reason for my little blog vacation.  I needed it.  And I needed time to wonder if I still like to do this.  Turns out I do. 

I am thankful for this place, for all the people who give me great things to write about, and for you for being my blogging friends.  It was a short vacation, but long enough for me to find my voice again. 

Taking a Blog Break.... Be back soon

Hey y'all, taking a short break from the blog.  Be back soon.  

Love to you, Kristi

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