Monday, August 19, 2013

Good Friday 2013

Kid 1 told me that his favorite thing about Easter morning is our church's tradition of opening all the shutters to let the light into the sanctuary.  After weeks of waiting in darkness, the light finally comes.  Kinda' like Easter. 

In the last months I've had the joy of watching 2 of my boys find their place in God's world by accepting Jesus as their savior.  There's that light again.... it reached my boys. 

And here I am on Good Friday - the darkest day of all time.  And it turns out that it was for my GOOD.  ... the darkness, the sadness, the waiting for the light... it was for MY good.  And it WAS good. 

So on this day of darkness, this season of waiting..... It's Friday, but Sunday is coming soon.  Just like the light. 

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