Monday, August 19, 2013

I have the regular issue kind of kids.

Posted on Facebook today was one of those shared photos of mom tips - the every growing bank of good ideas to keep our homes and families organized.  And of course when I saw it I bashed the whole thing in a comment.....

But I love that moms still try.  I love that they try to feed their kids broccoli 17 separate times to see if the kid will learn to love it.  I love that they try to find peace, cleanliness, and organization amidst the muck, chaos and absurdity of it all.  And correct me if you will, but for so many of those handy Pinterest ideas, you have to have the SPECIAL, limited edition kind of kid.  The ones that listen and obey.  And I don't.  I have the REGULAR issue kind of kids.  The run of the mill ones that God picked off the shelf and called them mine.  The ones who go and blow thru the house at warp speed making stink, messes and their mom crazy.  The ones that answer every spoken word with their prerecorded answer,   "Huh? ....What?" 

But I love those filthy, crazy kids.  And I still kinda' think they're the SPECIAL kind.  Maybe not special issue, straight A, poster kids.... But special to me.  And when I dredge thru all the garbage in their room, I occasionally laugh at what I find.  Someone enjoyed a pop tart at the toilet the other day..... interesting fact.  Found the crumbs. 

And come to think of it, I was already showing early signs of craziness when I gave birth to 3 boys in less than 36 months.  So I cant blame it all on them.  And I really do spend a lot of time telling them that they live like pigs.  And they answer me with the standard boy response,..... "Huh? ... What?  "

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