Monday, August 19, 2013

Right where God intended.

Ive been invited by a friend to join her and her family in celebrating her daughter's 16th birthday.  Honored to be asked.  However, she sent me a personal note letting me know that they don't live in a "fancy house"...... and I had to sit there and think.  What have I done that would make her feel she has to explain her home to me?  Obviously something wrong.    So here it is.... telling it like it is...

I grew up in a smallish house with 5 people and some animals.  Or 5 people that WERE animals.  Still working through that one. The wrong side of the tracks David would tell you - because he moved to town at a later date to what was deemed to be the RIGHT side of the tracks.  Real tracks - trains and all.  And I lived on the downhill side I guess, but never realized it till people told me. Giant, beautiful backyard, trees trees and more trees.  And we had all we needed. 

And now I have a normal, everyday, regular neighborhood kind of house.  I'm all about my curb appeal, and love love love Pottery Barn - but have more decor by the Lego store than them.  Because I am, #1 a mostly stay at home mom who values raising my kids more than the money I would make working full time.  And #2 - I married a fireman.  Enough said. 

We're not rich.  And we're not poor.  We're right where God intended.  3 boys sharing one bedroom.  2 in twin beds and 1 in a pull out trundle every night.  And a giant dog that thinks our den furniture is her princess bed. It works.

One day I got a call that our nephew and his wife and kids were coming for a surprise visit and wanted to see how we organize the boys' room.  And I secretly laughed that they think we're organized.  So I started cleaning like a maniac, and yelling stuff like - "Boys hide all the crap in your room !!! Company's comin' !"  A quick vacuum, spray the pee smell out of the kids' bathroom -  just in time to receive guests and act like we live like clean people all the time. 

So there..... that's it.  We don't live in a fancy house, either.  And if you call ahead before you stop by I'll probably run the vacuum like a crazy person and change out of my pajamas.  

Hoping to join my friend at least for a few minutes to celebrate her family's special occasion.  And considering it a privilege to be invited to her  home.  No matter the house.    

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