Monday, August 19, 2013

The hamster never stood a chance.

The boys have been reading a National Geographic Kids book titled, "How to Survive Anything...shark attack, lightning, embarrassing parents, pop quizzes and other perilous situations."  But nowhere in that book did it prepare Kid 3 for finding a near death, dehydrated pet hamster last night.  We went from front yard baseball to tears and screams of terror when he discovered the body. 

Y'all meet Nippy the hamster.  Or at least stop by for the family visitation hour at the funeral home.  

So I held my little boy, and loved him, all that stuff we do when we can't do anything else; trying to close the wound before it ruptured into a full on night of drama. But then Kid 1 came in and said, "Nippy's not ALL THE WAY dead."  
(insert bad word here)  

What kind of mom would I be if I didn't at least try to save a hamster life?   So I drove like mad to the drug store to get a medicine dropper and big brother KId 1 spent the better part of the evening trying to nurse Nippy back to health with water given drop by drop.  I heard him on the phone to his daddy - trying to work out some sort of rewards program for his efforts, I think.   

And bless him,  for a little while Nippy was able to stand on his feet -  and fall right back down again, unfortunately.  I definitely think had he made it there would have been some brain damage.  He was forever changed after we got a hold of him.

But here's the reality.... it's because we're a pathetic family. Horrible, awful people  - killers of plants -  and as it turns out, pets.   Because I was mean and banished poor Nippy to the garage when he kept kicking poop all over my dining room.  And Kid 3, with his heart full of love for all creatures great and small, couldn't remember to give the thing water to drink.  And The worst part is that Fireman Dave said he heard it clawing around in there the other day making desperate sounds - probably begging for life right then.  Poor Nippy never stood a chance with us.

But here's the brighter side..... Kid 1 was really the man of the house yesterday.... and again this morning - when he woke before Kid 3 and gave Nippy a proper burial in one of my Tupperware bowls.  I'll never look at those bowls the same again.

 A friend asked me if we would be having a graveside service.  Sadly, I think the final resting place for both Nippy and my Tupperware was the garbage can in the alley.  But don't tell anyone that because this is a sensitive time for the Walters.  And I asked Kid 3 specifically, but his wishes are that we just move forward.  So no funeral.  But he needed lots of love this morning.  And I expect lots more after school.  Little hearts break just the same as big ones.  Especially when you're a little guy with a giant heart.

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