Monday, August 19, 2013

Unexpected places.

Today I was Facebook messaging a high school friend, gossiping really, about a former classmate that was just arrested for a local murder.  And talking about the sadness of life and how it aged this particular girl,.... and my friend suggested that the difference is happiness.  Quality of life, I suppose.  I guess he's right.   

And then all household hell broke loose.  

Nothing in this world will make my husband crazier than an overflowing toilet.  Screaming, yelling,... GET THE MOP!  GET SOME TOWELS!
I  NEED VINEGAR AND A PLASTIC LAUNDRY BASKET - STAT!!! Like a surgeon calling for his tools.... Lots of heavy breathing, mad faces, and quiet cursing to keep the kids from hearing -  and a crying naked kid that didn't know how to turn off the toilet water.  And I was in the kitchen thinking of sneaking in there with the camera to capture the moment for the family album.  And thanking my lucky stars that David was home to do the big clean up instead of me.  The moments of life.  Happiness.

So are we happy?  I think so.... despite the overflowing poop in the bathroom floor, the normal free-for-all at dinner time, the questionable report card math grades....  Despite the fact that I'm desperately reading a teen parenting book because I don't know how to do this job. 

I (usually) love the noise of our house.  I look for opportunities to take pictures of our every day.  (Honey, remember the one I took of you when you got stuck in the tree?  Now THAT was funny.)  Those things make me laugh.  Because I grew up in a house with a lot of noise but missing a lot of the joy.  Happiness, peace, contentment.  Joy.  The choices we make every day to cry at the poop or take pictures of it to laugh at later....  

Thinking about the turns we make in life to get us in some unexpected places - good and bad.   

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