Friday, September 6, 2013

5 minute Friday writing - topic RED

Joining other bloggers today for 5 minute Friday - a quick, unrehearsed, thoughtful speed project on a given topic.  Today the prompt was the word RED.  

Red.... the color of love, and the color in this mom's heart as I think about my little guy today.

And red, to me, is the color of our home. The outside bricks, the pretty things inside, and the first piece of furniture I ever really owned.  And one of the things I most love.  An antique pie safe, that, before I was born, my grandfather found, rebuilt and painted it a gorgeous shade of barn red.  So much history and so much future all started with this piece of furniture and the love that a man poured into it. And I've built our home around it.

Red is the color of our fireplace bricks, the color of the heart over our entry door, and the color of a sign announcing, "HOME" on our kitchen wall.  Our house is run over with a giant dog and 3 big boys and all their dirty clothes and ... well, just stuff.  And so much of the time it looks like a bomb went off - but a bomb that exploded cozy blankets, plenty of socks, and what looks to have been a darn good time.

Red is the color of my husband's fire engine and ambulance - the color of rescue. The color of a much needed response.  Red is the color of the blood shed for me - despite it all - by a savior that chose me, - again, despite it all...

And red is the color of love.  The color of the fullness of my heart today as I took the second call in a week from my son having a difficult transition to middle school. Feeling the distance between where he used to be and where he is now.    It is the fiery love a mom feels when her kids are hurt, sick or sad.  It's the rush we feel to get to them no matter how far away. Because a mom's heart feels right along with her children - both hurt and happiness.

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  1. Visiting from FMF! Beautiful! I knew there was a good reason why I love the color red!

  2. My favorite wall in my house is my Red wall in my dining room where friends and family gather. I have chickens and roosters all over my kitchen with their red feathers,many gifted from friends and family. I am "Queen Mum" of our Red Hat group. As I read your post I realized that Red also speaks love and friendship to my life :) Blessings to you as your Momma's heart overflows with all that Red symbolizes for you!

  3. The favorite wall in my house is my Red wall in my dining room. The place where friends and family gather to share food,fellowship and fun. My kitchen is full of chickens and roosters regaling their red feathers. I am the 'Queen Mum" of our Red Hat Ladies group. So in reading your post I decided that Red also holds an important role in my life also. It represents love,fun,fellowship and friendship.
    Blessings to you as your Momma's heart overflows with all that Red represents in your life!!


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