Thursday, September 12, 2013

A man and his thoughts.

The only thing I've ever really enjoyed about doing laundry is going through the boys' pockets.  Because after they started school and I was no longer their constant companion and guide, I never really had a full picture of their days.  And that's a huge step for both mom and kid.  And as they get older, that step gets bigger and wider.  And the mysteries increase.  So I dig in pockets, unashamed.  Not trying to find out anything in particular - maybe just a souvenir of their travels.  So I can be informed, yes,... and so I can be a part of it, too.   

Playground wood chips in the shoes and treasures of the day.  Stuff that we - adults - ME - would call trash, usually.  But it's a little map, a story of a day in the life. And yesterday I thought it so interesting that even my 13 year old again collected a treasure - A piece of wood found in the school yard.  And maybe I thought it so interesting because I also thought it beautiful.  I saw a spark of interest, and creativity, and a memory of a little boy that used to fill his pockets with crazy things.  I miss that little boy.  

And he came home and set out with his plan.  I love that he found something - and had a vision.  Interesting what that turned out to be, actually...   And I snapped this picture without him knowing.  A man and his thoughts.  Every now and then a man has to come home and whittle a stick. 

But we had to take his project away from him because it looked like a dagger, and he could get suspended from school with that thing.  But I know if he's ever stranded on an island or lost in the wilderness - like their hero, Survivor Man, this kid will be just fine.

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