Friday, September 20, 2013

Dreams of baseball greatness.

(Linking up with lots of other bloggers with this one.  For 5 minute Friday.  A weekly writing prompt - just for the beauty of the written word.  Five minutes to see what the heart has to say and how fast the fingers can type.  Today's prompt is the word, SHE.)

Last night he cried after his baseball game.  Discouraged, tired, and just wanting something good to happen in the game.  And something good for him.  Something that matches his imagination.  But that's always the way with this guy.  He dreams big.  And then he sees the reality, and .... it just doesn't match up with his mind's pictures. He's 10.  And the world in his mind is full of big opportunity and promise.  And dreams of baseball greatness. 

She got a note from his teacher last week that made her cry.  Because she was afraid to read it.  Years of discouraging school experiences brought out her fears of the simplest things.  Like teacher notes, and picking him up after school - waiting for what the daily report may be.  And every day, she tells them that she knows. She knows that he struggles.  She knows that he wants to do better.  And she knows that after months of educational tests and doctor visits, there is finally a diagnosis.  A name to put on all the doubts and worries and frustrations.  And in naming it, they joined countless other families who deal with learning differences. 

And the note from the teacher did make her cry... but mom tears.  Tears of joy.  Because it was encouraging and surprising and so very needed.  And with that thoughtful note, she made the mom's day.  And she gave the mom encouragement to keep hoping that this year might be different.  

And the mom loved the little boy just the same.  Maybe even more.  And she told him that he is beautifully and wonderfully made.  Made to dream of greatness.  And made for the beauty of the every day promises that God has placed in his heart.  And she told him that his wonderful imagination is a gift and a talent.  That his loving heart is more beautiful than anything the eye can see.  That his giving nature is a blessing to others and his thoughtfulness is a picture of his soul.

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  1. WOW! What a GREAT Mom you are! Through this writing, you've inspired me to step up my game. I have a child with special needs - a LOT of special needs! I know the relief you have with FINALLY having a diagnosis. I already know that you and your son are gonna be okay because he has YOU to encourage and support him and you have HIM to lean on through the trying times. Stay strong and be encouraged, Kristi. Peace & Blessings, Dena @


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