Sunday, September 29, 2013

May you allow yourself to be found.

Embarrassed the you know what out of my oldest today. Shoe shopping for little brother, Sam.  Because little guy would have to go barefoot to school tomorrow if we didn't.  And I had a coupon for 15% off that expires today.... so we decided to make it a family trip.  Forced as it was.    

And true to form for Sam, as in every store, every time... we lose him.  He runs away, hides, gets lost or kidnapped by something far more interesting than us.  And after a while when we notice he hasn't made an appearance, we all spread out to look.  But my shameless technique always, always finds him.  And embarrasses my other two. Maybe my husband,too. But he doesn't dare say it. 

Anyway, Sam knows the search and scream.  So does everyone else in the store.  The mom voice yelling SAAAAAAAAAMMMMMM!!!! And he comes running.  From wherever. It's always good to be found.   

For your week... may you hear the voice of God calling you by name.  Telling you that you belong. 

May you allow yourself to be found.   

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