Thursday, September 26, 2013

I've always been crazy, but it's helped me from going insane.

So if you know me... or have read any of my Facebook or blog posts, you may have noticed I like to quote a good country song every now and then.  Thanks to my dad, who I believe is in Heaven right now listening to Willie on 8 track and smoking a cigar.  (And also thanks to my dad, I can drive down the road listening to the oldies station and belt out the entire Charlie Rich repertoire, and break out into a good Waylon Jennings when the mood strikes.)  And speaking of Waylon... here's one perfectly fitting for what I'm about to tell you....

"Ive always been crazy.  But it's kept me from going insane."  The man spoke wisdom.  Volumes upon volumes of wisdom. 

Starting October 1, for 31 days, I have accepted a writing challenge from a fellow blogger.  To write on any topic of my choice.  For 31 days.  31 gigantically long days.  31 being the magic number here.  It's the number that will drive me right past Waylon Jennings's crazy and straight into the arms of insanity.  I'll wave to him as I pass by.  It is the number of additional wrinkles it will put on my face.  And it is the number that will leave my kids hungry and my home a wreck.  But probably only a smidge more than usual. 

And my topic?  I was totally gonna choose something easy like 31 days of fitness.  Because I can write that in my sleep.  But in the last few days I had the opportunity to change my plan.  And it all came about because of a missed opportunity with my kids.  And in looking for the beauty in a failure of any kind, I choose to see an opportunity to do better with the next. An opportunity to learn and improve and focus.  So for 31 days I will be writing about praying for my children.  Yours, mine and ours.  But ultimately, HIS.  The children of God that I have been, somehow, found  worthy of raising and teaching and loving.  

I am calling it "31 days of praying God's heart for my children."  A super lofty title.  Because I'm not an expert in mothering or praying or anything, really.  But I have a heart willing to try and fail.  Again and again till it turns out the way that just may make God proud.  So I hope that you will join me in the month of October.  As we discuss how to pray with our kids,  and why to pray for our kids. 

See you here next week.  


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