Monday, November 4, 2013

For I know the plans I have for you.

For I know the plans I have for you.... plans for a future. 

Both the 6th grader and the 4th grader these days don't see the need for school.  I hear it all the time.... why do they have to go?   Because apparently they learn the same things every day - every year for that matter.  And of course none of it useful. Who needs to learn about writing and double digit multiplication and that thing about Bolivia?  So Christopher, hanging outside my bathroom door last night - fretting over the essay that he partly plagiarized for Social Studies, asks me.... "So what's it gonna be?  Fail my project or go to jail?"  He's 12.  And failing grades and jail kinda weigh in close on the scale at that age.  And I had to tell him that he has a tough decision... but a choice he has to make.  I would hate to see him deal with either, but a mama's heart cries at the thought of her 12 year old in copyright jail.  Tough love parenting.  

And we wait on pins and needles for the oldest to find out if he made the middle school basketball team. He's nervous and afraid he didn't.  Because it seems all the other kids trying out were giants.  And really good at what they do.  But we keep trying to tell him that the team, this moment, is a blip on the screen of his life either way it turns out.  Just a blink in the days of his life... and as big as the team seems now, one day it won't.  And as big as a school essay, partly felony offense borrowed or not, seems to be today.... one day it won't be.  Now the multiplication thing... that's kinda big.  

And I don't know if I'm that great an example... with my own flair for drama.  Today I had a hair crisis of catastrophic proportion.  One that would make a lesser woman cry.  I kinda like to abide by the mantra of the beautiful Coco Chanel.... who says a girl must be two things.... classy and fabulous.  And today I messed with my classy and jeopardized my fabulous.  So yes, stuff like that, to me, too - a blink in the days of my life - are huge.  I totally get it.  And that's how I hear my kids.  I hear their own doubts and insecurities by listening with my own.    I haven't forgotten the gigantic feelings that come along with being a teen - or an adult for that matter - in a world that fills us too much with doubt and insecurity. 

So I pray this for my kids daily...  With them, for them, over them, hands all rubbing it in like lotion on their sweet faces.  Because I tell them time and again that God has a plan.  And he's had it all along.  A specific, name tagged plan for each of them - and they were hand picked and hand made to do just that.    There is no other Sam in the world like you, my love.  There is not another Ethan or Christopher able to accomplish the task set forth for you even before you were born. 
Because God knew you and called you by name before you were a thought in my mind.  And at that moment, he laid it all out.  On a big ol' God sized map. 

So with these words as an example... (because sometimes I change my mind, or forget what I was saying)  but in one way or another,  I pray for God's tremendous guidance for each of them....
"Amazing God, giver of all good and perfect gifts, please help these boys to hear your voice, to feel your love , and recognize you today.  Help them to see you when the world tells them that they can't.  Help them to know in their hearts that you created them beautifully and wonderfully, and that they were uniquely made to do something special in this world.  Please guide their steps, words, choices and actions today as they are choosing the paths to take." Amen.

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