Friday, October 18, 2013

I could've done laundry....

I could've taken a nap.  Or done laundry.  But instead I chose to see a movie with my 3 boys, out of school today.  And it may have been the most ridiculous movie I've seen in a long time.  Anything for love.  

We had to celebrate.... because today is our anniversary.  Mine and my husband's, but he's at the fire station  - and we go with the business as usual plan around here.  And the wedding anniversary to me is just as much our  family anniversary - because we've done amazing things in the last 14 years.  Three superhero boys, way too many home improvement projects, and lots of together time.  

14 years ago this evening I got married in the living room of our tiny 1100 square foot house.  No guests, no wedding dress, no reception or honeymoon.  Just me, husband and a minister for hire who popped by to make it official.   And not a single picture of the occasion.  

But I didn't want all the typical wedding fuss.  I didn't need it.  I needed this.  

And I have the most important pictures - filling volumes of family albums and my mind with memories of sharing and growing and time beautifully spent. 


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  1. Nice! Congrats on your anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Family time vs. laundry time! You made the right choice.

  3. Happy anniversary! And wow, what a ceremony. I'd love to read more about that...

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wedding, one day/evening marriage; a lifetime. Congrats to you and David and the boys.


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