Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Planting seeds of faith in my children

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I read a friend's post on Facebook the other day.  And don't get me wrong... I think the world of this gal.  Which is why I guess my jaw dropped open when I read what she wrote. 

Her post , sparing details, was making fun of prayer.  
I was blinded by the light of ..... I don't know.  But blinded by something.  Worry, maybe.  Being judgmental? Maybe, that too.  But here's where my thoughts went with that one.... 

As parents we have a responsibility to our children to teach.  And we do that in so many ways.  With words, actions, and by modeling behavior.  And I totally understand and respect anyone and everyone's choice to handle their families as they see fit.  Including choices of faith and religion.  But my question here would be this .... 

Mom, can you be absolutely sure that somewhere down the road, somewhere in this child's life, that there will never be an occasion for prayer?  A need for prayer.  A need to find something that is missing, or replace something that is broken in him?  And when all else fails in this child's life, and he is looking and hoping in his world, he just may need something bigger than himself to lean on. 

That has certainly been the case with me. I've had this discussion with my husband recently.  About the need to believe in something bigger and more powerful than myself.  And coming from where I have been and the things I have seen, that I need today and for the days that will surely come ahead - to believe that there is a power that can change good for bad.  Hurt for healing.  And emptiness for a knowledge of fullness like no other. 

I am a praying mom.  Yes, I miss a few... well, I miss some/lots/more than I should..... but I am a believer in passing on the tradition of prayer.  Of passing on the faith that prayer brings change.  That prayer is a power that can take you from where you are this very moment and into a place that God only knows.  And I want my kids to know those very things.  Whether they grow up and choose to do it or not, I can't decide that for them.  Or force it.  But I can, today, plant in them a seed of hope.  A piece of belief and a trust in a God that is there to hear them when they call. 

So no, you don't have to be a prayer warrior.  I don't even like that term.  But you can be a parent that prays.  With them, or for them, or at dinner or bedtime. Or in the car alone, or for patience in those moments when you hide in the bathroom to count to 10. 

And I hold the attitudes of my children with that very idea.  If mom prays and teaches them the same, the seed is there.  So for safe keeping of my kids.... ... I am planting the seeds.  

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