Thursday, October 10, 2013

Showering with Superman

My husband and I were fretting over the whole parenting thing the other day and for the millionth time, asked ourselves if we're doing anything right... and basically if we know what the #$% we're doing.  Jury's still too far out on that one...

And we were talking about how big everything seems for the tweens and teens.  How the right or wrong clothes or hair or words or shoes or lunch or seat on the bus or ......  just seem so absolutely huge to them.   And really they just want to fit in  - and at the  same time I spend every day telling them to be who they are, and that they don't have to fit in -  because God made them amazing as they are.   ....blah, blah, blah....they hear their wise mother say.  Like the garbled adult voices of the Charlie Brown cartoons.   Because their little eyes can't see the big picture now.  They just see middle school. 

You know the school worry dreams?  You can't find your locker, you show up at school naked, get locked in a bathroom.... that kind of thing?   

I was doing a little volunteering at the school the other day... had to go to the little girl's room.... got in one with a broken door, and I had no intention of crawling out from under.  So the battle began and I won with a cut finger and a bloody trip to the school nurse.  And it sent me back in time - to the awkwardness of middle school.  And it put my mind right there with my boys... the black hole of 7th grade... and made me remember again how great - how imposing - the little things are at this age.  (But at my middle school growing up, I think for at least the first year I never went to the bathroom.  Because there were scary girls in there - smoking and using profanity far greater than mine - so I held it all day long till my mom picked me up at 3:15.  Never loved my home bathroom more.) 

And the demands.... demands of time and energy and maturity and a strong will of steel to get through the day.  And the boys always seem so tired. The homework, the longer school hours, the earlier bus ride, and the growing.  Which takes tons of food and rest and sucks the life right out of them.  And they just crave time to be at home and sit on the couch mindlessly with the XBOX or watch TV.  And I completely get it.  There's no place like home.

But I for one want to remember at this stage of their young lives .... that even with all the demands put on them, and all the ways we treat them as young adults and budding professionals.... they are kids.  Just learning.  And just trying. And still wanting to be kids.

One of my sons took his Superman action figure in the shower with him last night.  And I heard him tell Superman to sit on the drain and fight off any bad guys that come up.  Perfect example of daytime young man and night time kid.  Young at heart.  And I am in no hurry to make them grow up. Showering with Superman.... I've heard of worse ideas. 

My prayer for my boys at this age is this... for them to retain the sweetness, open eyes and hearts of childhood.  May they find a slow pace in the midst of the rush and enjoy being 10, 12 and 13.  May they have hopes and plans for their futures but just as many hopes and plans for today.  May they feel accepted and loved and wanted for who they are - exactly who they are - not needing any other reason.  Because who they are is beautiful in God's eyes.  And their mom's. 

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  1. Christi Harris=LazaroOctober 16, 2013 at 2:07 PM

    No one could have written it better. Such a great post. Truly connected with everything you said.

  2. Christi, you are a blessing to share such kind words. Thank you for reading along with me.


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