Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Y'all meet my husband.

On my mind today is my husband, and how I haven't properly introduced him to y'all. Our 14th anniversary just came and went  - and he's kinda' stuck with me forever so he totally deserves a blog post.

He's a super brave and strong firefighter and paramedic.  Spending his days saving lives, property, and the occasional wildlife.  Saved this little guy from a fireplace.

And the man is full of patience and pretty much knows when to just find his happy place and shut out the craziness we live in.  Though I'm sure he had some secret thoughts round about the 5th time I had an incident/accident in the new car.  He makes this one particular sound..... and I usually know when to expect it.  (Cue the list of car mishaps.)   It's kind of a giant exhale, groan sort of noise.  Reminds me of the old I Love Lucy show when Ricky yells at Lucy,.. "You've got some splainin to do!"  

So I waited a few weeks to tell him about this last one... you know... just waiting for the right mood.  Full belly and all.  Only a reflector lost this time.  Nothing like when the lady on her way to a funeral crashed into the back, or the time I left my purse in the front seat at kid baseball and a desperate, crazy man destroyed the entire door to get in there for it.  And then there was that time in the Marshalls parking lot.... where someone forgot to put their truck in park and it rolled right into our brand new, just a few week old car.  So really, ... a lost reflector from a little bump this time is nothing.  (A lady in my class just told me she took a long road trip with her husband.  And that her kids told her to have a divorce lawyer on speed dial just in case.  And I was totally thinking the same thing as I drove home from work just now. Having to tell him that the car is making a funny smell.  Now granted, my aerobic pants weren't all that fresh after 3 classes but that wasn't it.)  

I've known David since we were kids and have never seen anything bring him to his knees quite like a morning of getting the kids ready for school.  Those times in particular I think he wishes being a fireman was a non stop job instead of the 24 on/48 hours off that it is.  Or he wishes he could just be very still and we wouldn't notice he's here till the boys get out the door. 

Super nice guy.  Everyone says so.  Until one of our kids complains about having scrambled eggs for breakfast for the 1000th time in a row.  Then daddy kinda' looks like this.....

And he tells them that children all over the world would love to wake up to a hot breakfast every day and that they should count their lucky kid stars that they live in a family that doesn't just put out a box of frosted flakes every morning.  There are starving children in Africa who would love some scrambled eggs, don't ya know. 

But mostly he looks like this.... loving on his family.  And taking care of us and being the gift to us that he is.  

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