Monday, November 18, 2013

For when you won't take the bet because maybe you really are crazy

Here's how it went....
My husband and I ate at the cafeteria again today.  That's our excitement.  And it's our favorite neighborhood place.   He ordered liver and onions, I ordered a vegetable plate.   And we listened to the best of Frank Sinatra as we ate and discussed the giant fence that went up in our backyard. You can read about it here.   The great wall of China.....  the wall out of  some Bible story I think that divided lands and people and made them speak different languages.  Or maybe those are several stories all mixed together.  But it turns out that the great wall is apparently hiding more than our family, but also all the treasures that my husband has thrown in the alley - that I discovered when I saw the neighbors point in our direction in surprise and slight disgust.  David calls it a compost bin.  I called it - honey, it's big trash week and the neighbors already hate us so get rid of it.  So he's doing that right now.  Drive by our house and you can see some pieces of a re-purposed swing set wrapped in chicken wire that has for the last 3 years set up shop in our alley.  Who knew.

Then we leave and drive by a cute little blue convertible parked in front of a hair salon in the parking lot.  Where I exclaim, Turn around there's a dog driving that car!  And I saw it, grey curly poodle like hair blowing in the wind, sitting in the drivers seat,..... so David turns us around but the dog must've relocated to the back seat.  Because he's no longer driving.  So he bets me $5 that there never really was a dog, and dares me to get out and look - all over and inside said blue convertible.

And I refuse to take the bet.... because what if he's right?  What if I am on occasion delirious and confused even if I did turn off the poisonous gas to the fireplace in time?  Or maybe I'm just dehydrated from 4 classes and still exhausted from the last class of little old ladies in the pool and their hair worries.

But end of story.... I didn't take the bet.  Was there a dog driving that car?  Yes I think so, but it's not worth losing a husband bet over it.  Or $5.   

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