Saturday, November 16, 2013

I just sucked up half a roll of toilet paper into the vacuum cleaner.

No joke.  I just sucked up half a roll of toilet paper into the vacuum cleaner before I could stop it.  Once it started rolling, it was a fast ride.  It's usually socks that get sucked up because our boys don't know how to take both socks off at the same time or in the same place.  They also don't know how to flush, or rinse toothpaste out of the sink.  And they never put a napkin in their laps if they actually think to use one instead of their shirts.  And I have one kid that can't shampoo to save his life.  Look at our pictures - you'll know which one. 

Today the boys lost a frisbee on the roof, a ball in the gutter and got a football stuck in the tree.  But the nice house painter next door came over with a super long pole and saved the day.  

And earlier this morning I texted fireman husband at work and asked him if nausea, headache and random confusion might be signs of gas poisoning.  Because for days I've told him I smell too much gas from the fireplace.  He responded with a very professional, firemanly,  turn it off.  One morning years ago he was sweet enough to light the fireplace for us before he went to work - when it was still wood burning -  but now we're high tech and had it converted to gas -  but he forgot to open the chimney.  And fireman Dave went to work and left me and 3 babies asleep in the house to wake to smoke alarms and a house filled with a cloud. 

And our dishwasher almost caught on fire.  Fire is our constant theme.  We also started a driveway fire one New Years Eve with firework sparklers, but THAT, my friends, is another story.  We've already purchased a new dishwasher but have to wait 2 weeks for it to be delivered.  Because we are apparently the only people left in America that don't want stainless steel appliances.  Our color is bisque -  the off white, creamy color of kitchens past.  And I can't afford to remodel the entire kitchen now just because of one dangerous overheating dishwasher - as my husband reminded me as we walked into the appliance store this week.  And I can't just stick one mismatched dishwasher into a sea of off white.  Long story short, a 2 week wait where we will try to milk a little more life out of the old one, but we can't leave the house with it running.  Because, again, fire is our theme.  

Little known fact.... if indeed this current dishwasher really caught on fire - that would make our second full fledged dishwasher fire in our marriage.  True. 

And this giant fence - or WALL - that the neighbors just built behind us?

It's really big.  And granted, they just finished fancying up their patio and probably want to enjoy it without my 3 boys shooting BB guns their way - but with a fence that big?  I kinda took it as a personal statement - like they don't want the boys shooting at them anymore, or pitching baseballs toward their windows.  Or maybe they don't like to look at the back of our not so fancy garage, ..... or maybe they just don't want to be neighborly.  I  felt like that when I watched the wall go up.  And if that's the case, it's kinda sad to me.  And one day I should really tell them that I can still see them from out my back door.  Just in case they think they're fully hidden and try to sunbathe naked or something.   

But the point of all this?  That sometimes I think we hesitate to really tell the truth about our homes and families.  And about ourselves.  I started this line of thought this morning when I read a particular Facebook post about an evening of  "Thai food and lots of vino, a beautiful night out on the patio, a sea of precious kids playing inside, and engaging adult conversation ."  

It sounded lovely.  And I am totally a lover of all things lovely.  But lovely comes in all shapes and sizes - of people, places, circumstances, and attitudes.  

I think it completely lovely that my dishwasher didn't fully engulf in flames.  And I happen to like our bisque colored kitchen circa 1956.  It's lovely to me because it's mine.  It's ours.  It's where I love to bake, and have a pretty red rug on the floor, and glass front cabinets that my husband made at the fire station in his free time.  

And I think it lovely that I have boys playing outside in the wind and the leaves and as of this moment, they are not shooting anyone with anything.  

And I think anyone who read  this far in this crazy long post is lovely for sticking around to the end. 

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  1. oh my goodness...what a funny group of events! Sucking toilet paper into the vacuum is totally something I would do!!! Stopping by from FMF!


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