Thursday, November 14, 2013

What would you say to your younger self?

I saw a young man at his school bus stop this morning.  Wearing skinny red pants.  The traveling red pants.  And I kinda' didn't really care for red pants on a high school boy... but that's strictly my opinion.  You, my friends, may indeed care a lot for skinny red pants on high school boys. 

But in the seconds that I had driving past him, I first thought that I'm not sure about the current state of style affairs for the younger set.  Then I quickly reminded myself of my own skinny colored jeans in high school - mine were hot pink, with zippers at the ankles.  And these particular pants were so absolutely wonderful and so over the top popular that I loaned them out to similar sized friends and almost never got them back.  

But my thoughts went past the jeans and on to the age and stage of life where I wore hot pink jeans with ankle zippers.  And how I don't know where that time went and how it went away so fast.  A minute ago I was 17 with hot pink pants and now I'm ?? and a mother of 3, wife, homemaker and all around good gal. 

So what would I say to my younger self?  What would you say to yours?

I would tell myself to wait.  Wait as long as it takes.  I would tell myself that there is love to be had and love to be found, but that the right love requires patience and time and will happen only in the right time.  I would tell myself that school is good, and college is great and even though I don't grow up to use the degrees exactly as intended, the time, effort and experiences will make me the person I am now.  And I would mention that it all turns out don't give a second thought to that math grade situation in college.

I would tell myself to look around for the good and stock up on it when there's plenty to be had.  Because there will be times when I'll need to pull from that supply of good and take it all in.  I would tell myself that there is bad and sad and grief and scares on the way.  That there will be loss of loved ones to extremely unfair circumstances.  But then I would tell myself what I tell my kids.... God never promised us fair.  He promised us other things - like walking with us through the unfair. 

I would tell myself to take more pictures of my sister.  And record her voice.  I would tell myself to do the same with my dad.  And to just keep taking pictures of those future children no matter what they say... because they will say plenty, and even try to hide.

I would tell myself to quit tanning.  That there is a price for that suntan and WE will be the one that pays for it.  

I would tell myself to quickly remove the negative from life even when it's gonna be hard to do.  I would tell myself that I end up strong of body, of will, of determination, and spirit - and all of that has been earned.  

And I would tell my younger self that she will be given the opportunity of a lifetime - 3 times over - and name them Ethan, Christopher and Sam. 

And the list goes on....

What would you tell your younger self? 

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  1. I would tell myself:
    "Jana, you don't need a lot of boyfriends before you meet the father of your girls when you are 18, so don't worry if you don't have a date to the prom. Again."
    "Sleep when they are sleeping, play when they are playing, clean the house when they are grown."


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