Sunday, November 10, 2013

When we all get to heaven.

They played football in the yard until the name calling started.  Then Chris threw Sam's shoes over the fence.  Into the alley.  And then Sam laid in the kitchen floor moaning that he's so tired because I never feed them.  Which I really do.  Feed them.  Only not at their beck and call and not always something they want to eat.  And the casserole came out not quite done which made everyone hungrier and angrier and a little hostile while we waited.  Like a riot scene you might see on the news.

But that's kind of our day to day circle of relationships around here.  We lose patience and then find it again.  We starve for food and attention till we get our fill.  And we usually end up on the couch at the end of the evening all blanketed up together and willing to try for another day. 

We went to church today. Did you?  Did your kids wear decent shoes?  Our  topic today was relationships in  heaven.  Our relationships with each other and with God.  Turns out, contrary to popular belief, dear old grandma and grandpa weren't really reunited in heaven... but they probably still know each other there.  But differently.  In heaven there will be no marriages, no individual families, no former spouses, no parents. The bible says we will be like angels... it doesn't say when we die we will BE angels.  Because it's not gonna happen.  There are angels that will always be angels and when we get to heaven, we will do things more like the angels - meaning we will worship more fully, we will love more completely... things like that.  But we will not earn wings or grow them or any other way become angel like.  The Bible says. 

But the most interesting part of the lesson to me was how our relationships today are preparing us for our future relationships with each other in heaven.  Nope, I won't be married to David in heaven.  Because I'll just be a free spirited single soul along with everyone else.  And really, my full title will be Child of God.  And my kids will also be children of God which really, in the God view of things, heavenly perspective of it all, will make them my brothers in Christ. 

And told to us today, which is really nice and gives us kind of a reason to try harder to work on our relationships.... is that we are here today in training to perfect those relationship skills.  So when we all get to Heaven, like the song,.... what a day of rejoicing it will be.    

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