Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I finally get it.... the season of waiting.

We're usually the last people in the entire world to decorate for Christmas.  And today I totally needed Santa's full staff of elves to get it started.  Turns out the house isn't quite so festive when it's just dirty.  It looked like the pig family moved in and rubbed up against all our walls. So husband and I sent the boys off to school and started tackling the season.  And he obviously confused me with a man because he asked me to help him move my grandmother's giant dining table - which slipped and barely missed his foot - by about 1/8 inch.  Lesson learned... I'm not freakishly strong.   And I was glad it didn't hurt him because it would've really slowed down our progress.  And I couldn't move that big table by myself - off his foot.  And I would've felt really bad being the one that let it fall.  And a fireman with a broken foot is not a very good fireman. So many reasons. 

Getting ready for Christmas always feels this way to me.  Pulling out the decorations, checking the lights, and making the fudge.  But we all like that part.   I get so busy getting ready.... and still getting ready... and I never really feel the reason for it all.  Till Christmas Eve.  My favorite church service of the entire year.  And then I remember.  

I grew up in a small Baptist church that didn't observe advent.  So all this prep work outside of getting the tree up was all new to me as an adult.  But as an adult, I finally get it.  The season of waiting.  Waiting for the light to show through the darkness of the world.  Waiting for the light to once again fill the darkness of my heart and remind me that there is a reason not only for the season, but a reason for me to carry it on throughout the year.  It's the light.  Thus, the significance of the candles in the candle light service.  Which just takes my heart to an all new level.   

But y'all, We are to be the grace givers.  We are supposed to be the ones turning the light on every day.  Not running away from people or situations or events that don't fit our desires or needs or schedules.  We are to be the hands and feet of a loving God that can't be here at this particular moment -  because he's busy doing some other great and needed things.  So we are needed.  To show the world the love of a God poured out for us.  And a love poured into us daily, without question or reservation or hesitation of any kind.


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