Sunday, December 1, 2013

Look, they brought their liquor in a jug.

My vertigo has returned with a vengeance.  The kind where I cant walk a straight line, bend over to properly shave my legs or drive in my own lane of traffic.  Kinda like Like I'm driving under the influence - with my three kids in the car. But I'm sadly more concerned with the state of my roughly shaven legs.   

The dizziness happens because I'm one of those highly allergic people - and our Thanksgiving trip thru the wood burning, camo wearing states of Arkansas and Louisiana messed me up.  I'm a city gal that wears stylish leggings to hike a trail and refuses any camp fires near me or my rented cabin.  So know that if you ever invite me over to your house to enjoy a good meal and a bonfire, get ready to give me a high dose of benadryl and drive me to the nearest hospital.

We rented this little place at a state park in southern Arkansas, just outside of Louisiana.  Just the 5 of us, no computer games, no internet, no email, no Facebook and no blog.  Just some bikes, a kayak, and the sounds of my boys playing.  But we did have a TV for the Cowboys game and the Shrek Christmas special.  All of us in our pajamas and squeezed onto the pull out couch bed to watch it.  And we love stuff like that.  I think WE do.  I do.  Let's at least confirm that much.  

And I noticed a bazillion stars in the sky at night.  And I learned how much Kid 1 is enjoying Texas history class this year.  And how afraid Kid 2 is of alligators.  And how Kid 3 can come up with money out of nowhere to buy snacks at the camp store.  And we visited the nearest town of El Dorado, Arkansas where we enjoyed a Friday night at the Larry's Parade of Pizza where I was in awe of the pizza parade concept and the friendliness of Larry.  We woke each morning to the sounds of open season gunshots and I debated if I should dress my kids in bright orange to send them out to play.   And Fireman Dave turned his kayak over in the freezing cold Ouachita River.  Which I didn't even do.  Which obviously makes me the kayak queen.

We also stopped by the Natchitoches, Louisiana Christmas festival of lights which is the cutest place ever.  We stood in the mile long line waiting for our world famous Natchitoches meat pies, took them down to the river for a picnic along with a big gallon jug of what I suppose people thought looked like our own home brew that we share as a family, kids and all - because we heard one passer by tell her family - look, they brought their liquor in a jug. It was water, people.  But throw in my severe vertigo induced bobbing and weaving and maybe we looked like the local moonshiners come to town. 

And for you ladies, if you ever need a little ego boost, a little confidence build in your day to day.... I found the perfect place.  Just stop by the Piggly Wiggly in the little town of Homer, Louisiana and they'll treat you right.  They'll look at you like you're a movie star come to town to buy snacks for the road.  But you gotta walk in there like you mean it... owning the Piggly Wiggly with your entrance.  Like I did in my Hollywood shades and awesome motorcycle themed boots - and then they'll be all amazed at how normal and down to earth you really are buying the Chips Ahoy and that giant box of Cheez-Its. 

And after the millionth time Kid 2 asked where we were going and Kid 3 asked if we were there yet... I caught myself telling them the famous mom words about the importance of the journey, not the destination.   And here's why we do it.  The point to it all.... why we take our little road trips.  As often as we can.  One time not long ago, heading out on another trip, Kid 1, asked, Is this gonna turn into insane craziness?  And I told him, yesYes it just might

And it's worth every single penny of the cost, and every single minute of the work put into saving to make it happen. I've seen how the busy of our days takes a toll on the family.  School and sports and church and music lessons and all that comes with being a kid.  And the influence of the world, and that age in particular, pulls a kid away from his family and into the arms of what is normal and accepted by those they spend most of their hours with each day.  But I'm just not ready or willing to give up on our together time. We were the first strong influence these kids knew in this giant world and I'm doing everything I can to to see that continue.  And big long vacations are fun.  We do those, too.  We took a 10 day trip over the summer.  

But it's these small ones that bring us back.  To together time and to each other.  And we remove the phone and computer and add back in what is most important and we find each other all over again.  All in our pajamas squeezed onto the pull out couch bed.         

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  1. Glad you guys had fun. Love following your blogs

  2. And a giant thank you to you... I would write that in all caps and a super cute font if I could, but the blog won't let me. Thanks for reading and welcome.


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