Friday, December 20, 2013

My husband said my new sweater reminds him of Clint Eastwood in The Good The Bad and the Ugly

My husband said my new sweater reminds him of Clint Eastwood in The Good The Bad and the Ugly.  I think he just meant the sweater... not me.  But you never know. And I got home yesterday and he had kid 1 mowing the lawn or mulching leaves with Target bags on his feet.  And I wanted to ask  - but I didn't.  And just wished I had my camera.  He's a funny man.
And I watched my son's first middle school basketball game with a ham sandwich in my purse.  Because he had to ride the sports bus straight from school and  I wasn't sure he ever got to eat anything.  So I brought the sandwich, but not sure how I would get it to him.  I didn't want to be the mom that didn't feed her kid, but I didn't want to be the mom that embarrassed her kid with a sandwich. 

So who am I?  Clint Eastwood look a like?  Nerdy mom that carries ham sandwiches around with her? 

Or maybe I should ask who the heck these kids are and where they came from?  I once saw a t shirt that read, Who are these kids and why do they keep calling me mom?  I get it. 

The teen is at the stage of mumbling and has had a total brain swipe as of late.  He knows nothing - about anything.  Especially if I ask.  Like who wrote those curse words I just found on that note in your trash can?  I don't know.  Who gave you that party invitation I found in the last load of wash?  I don't know.
And the 12 year old suddenly rediscovered his belief in Santa - last night. Even wrote a letter to him.  Because he wants something entirely too large and too expensive at this late date to ask Mom and Dad for... so he's playing the Santa card.  Because Santa is rich and magic and can, without worry, outspend mom and dad every year.  I guess if Santa disappoints, that'll solve all the world's problems. 

And kid 3 has a strange rash.  And he's been speaking in a British accent for a while. With a little French thrown in on occasion.  Makes the brotherly name calling sound so much prettier.    

So the point of all this... no point really.  Mostly observation.  Observation of the day to day.  Some of it worth noting, some not. 

But this I do know... just from observation... Each kid is different.  From the same parents, from the same home, close in age, very close quarters around here,... and they all ended up with distinct ideas and personalities and opinions.  Even opinions on my parenting at times.  

I'm a different kind of parent than what my kids would like sometimes.  And I'm perfectly OK with that.  

And I have a need and a desire, still, to keep them close to me and close to home.  And in doing so, I hope they're seeing the beauty of a home and family, and putting those experiences away for a later day when they're making their own.  

We'll see how that turns out.  

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