Tuesday, December 31, 2013

the homesick boy scout part 2....the rest of the story.

So the 2 scouts came home today from winter camp.  Stinky, smelling of wood smoke even after their first shower in 5 days.  Gonna take several more, I think, to restore them to like - new condition.  Kid 1 says he brushed his teeth once.  Which is more than zero so I'll give the kid credit for that.  Kid 2 says he brushed - some - but sometimes it was too dark and cold to venture out for dental hygiene.  

And Y'all, Kid 2 stopped crying for home sometime on the second day.  And ended up having a good time.  And Kid 3 passed his wilderness survival challenge and came home wearing lots of leather.  And a neck thing that looks kinda tribal - like this guy...  but he didn't come home naked.  

And the rest of the story......
Kid 1 didn't carry proper scout clothing.... a.k.a warm clothing for the WINTERNESS of winter camp and had to beg, borrow and steal to live.  Kid 2 lost his fork or burned it up in the fire so had to eat with his hands for 5 days.  Much like at home.  And the homesickness?  Apparently prompted questions  from the scout leaders ..... questions to Kids 1 and 2 ..... asking if anything is going on at home that they should be aware of.   Like maybe if we beat them or lock them outside or in any other way demonstrate bad or neglectful parenting.   I guess making sure they didn't need to call child protective services since the kid was obviously having a nervous breakdown on their watch.  

But all are safe and sound in warm clothes at home now.... mom doing laundry and enjoying once again the sounds of video games.  With a tribal warrior and his smoky smelling little brother.  

Life is good.

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  1. Sooo funny, you are thoroughly enjoying this phase of their lives (and yours) so you are already doing something right!!


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