Friday, December 13, 2013

Watch me, Mama....

Watch me, Mama....  Kid 3 said to me as he played ping pong at the YMCA last night.  We were waiting for big brother to finish karate class.  I had already been up there for hours earlier that day at work, and now back for the evening  -  But this time I found a cozy spot to read and organize the new year's calendar.  And every now and then Kid 2 would come out of class to get a drink and make sure we were still around - and for me to see him all cute in his karate whites.  Watch me, Mama....

And I watched Kid 3 play ping pong till he told me I had watched enough, and could go back to what I was doing.  I had been dismissed.  But I wanted to keep watching.  Because I caught myself smiling at his effort and his pleasure in actually getting better at the game.  And I think he's kinda cute.  

And later in the evening I sat in my car alone, in the dark middle school parking lot waiting for my oldest son's team bus to arrive home from their basketball game.  I waited almost an hour because I didn't want him to get there and not see me.  Or me see him.  Watch me, Mama.......  

This was the first game I've missed.  But all the way across town, a game, a karate class, one mom and three kids - don't add up to easy.  There's only so much Kristi to go around.  And the basketball kid came home with a busted lip.  (Last year Kid 2 broke a permanent front tooth on another kid's head while playing basketball.  We're crazy that way.)

But I sat there in the dark and had time to think of so many things I've watched my boys do.  And I've kept journals of things they've said.  And volumes of family photo albums.  

Watch me, Mama... I'm new to this world and this family.  Watch me, Mama... I can do so many things now.  Watch me, Mama... my world is growing bigger and I have so many new friends.  Watch me, Mama... I'm growing up and able to venture out on my own.  

Watch me, Mama...I was put here to do something special in this world.  

And I wonder if that's how it all started with Mary, that first Christmas.  Did she hold the newborn baby and know him as hers? Or did she know she would have to let him go?  Did she watch him grow into a young man and hope only the best things for him?  Or did she watch him grow into a man and worry about what the world had in store?  Did she hold her baby that night and want to keep him to herself just a little longer?  Or did she willingly share him with the millions of angels looking on and singing about the birth of a king?

Watch me, Mama...I was put here to do something special in this world.  

For unto you is born this day in the city of David, a savior who is Christ the Lord. Luke 2:11


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