Tuesday, January 21, 2014

and there were technical difficulties

 Technical difficulties abound. 

So if you got the notice of my blog post from yesterday... then couldn't find it.... (really I accidentally deleted it.)  And it was all about pie.  So yum.  

The morning brought us sick kid #1, kid 2 missed his bus, and kid 3 coughed and snorted and made completely unappealing sounds to try to convince us he's sick.  Kid 2 wished he was sick and discussed the unfairness of it all.  Then missed the second bus.  So daddy drove him across town to school, and listened to him fuss about the indignities of his life the whole way.  Daddy also took my car and my keys and I thought I was gonna have to walk to work.  Which is healthy, really.  We should all walk more.  

We gave kid 3 an allergy pill and sent him on his way.  Hoping not to get a call from the school nurse voting us bad parents of the year. So far so good.

That's about it.  You can read all about the pie here.  Just for fun because it's a super rare event that I post a recipe.  

And here were the critics reviews of said pie....

I didn't love it.  Love other things more.  

Husband stopped me from throwing it away as not to waste a perfectly good pie.  And I told him I don't want him to die an unhealthy sugar high death over a pie that is simply good, not great.  But he stuck it in the fridge anyway. 

Christopher poured melted chocolate frosting all over it and voted it a yes.
Sam voted it a no.  And begged for a donut instead.  

Ethan ate it.  But he's 13 and eats pie just for the sake of eating pie. 

So.... that being said.  Cook away and let me know the interesting things your family says.   

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  1. Can I just tell you that I adore your blog? Really. I have clicked around and read through a couple of your posts and just adore it. Well, adore is a really cutesy word. but you get what I'm saying. :-) I love your honesty and your humor. That part where you said your family time is watching your boys wrestle (or, er um, fight?) is so right on. I am there with you. Two boys of my own and while they are younger than yours, your posts are giving me a glimpse at the future. Thank you! so looking forward to reading along with you. (still here from the (in)couragers writing group!)

  2. And a super huge thanks for this. As I wander through the blindness of blogging - really, that's what I call what I do. And then it all becomes worthwhile when I find out people read and GET IT. So you, young lady, mother of 2 boys, just wait. It's coming. Like a storm of boys out of nowhere they will suddenly be bigger and louder than you ever imagined. And you will wonder WHY? Just WHY - pretty much every day. But gosh we love em, don't we. And couldn't imagine life any other way. A million thanks for reading along.


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