Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Awesomeness topped with a headband

Oh my gosh did she just say that?  

Had to go to the dentist yesterday.  Thought it was for a simple cleaning but the dentist said I had a filling that was old and needed replacing.  Old.  Apparently like me.  And with my mouth all numbed and propped open wide and defenseless, the dentist and hygienist talked about their favorite TV shows... and she would look down occasionally to check on me - and gave me a sweet, .... Your teeth look great for your age.  And that, my friends,  is exactly why the young lady dentist put a mouth guard in there so I couldn't bite her hand. 

And chatting with a few coworkers the other day... we all decided there's something fishy going on in the world these days.... because gyms are hiring  these zero experienced, young gals all around.  Or maybe it just looks that way to my old eyes.  Which really need a check up from the eye doctor very soon.  My coworker's husband told her maybe she's losing out on some work because she's getting on up there - and her ????? aren't big enough.  Marry 'em and they think they can say anything.   

And speaking of husbands ..... mine told me the other day..... wait for it......  as we discussed my worries of not being well provided for in my old age if anything were to happen to him in the dangerous business of firefighting. I opened the depths of my fears, poured out my heart and confessed that I'm afraid of becoming a bag lady.  So in discussion of pensions and the like, he tells me I shouldn't worry - some older man will snatch you right up if I'm gone.  How much older?...I was thinking... looking at each other lovingly over our creamed corn kind of old?  So I told him, #1 - please don't die.  And #2, just in case -  help me start searching out assisted living homes now so I can catch me a man. 

And today.... lady in class  - kinda new to me and to fitness in general, I believe,  says to me after class.... You should be skinny as rails the way you move... But it's probably all muscle. 

Very nice.  

And after these last few days of too small bosoms and old teeth and looking for love in the home for the aged, .... my confidence is feeling a little bruised.  And I think this whole idea of fitness and wellness and youth all get mixed up and confused into a big ol' soup of false truths, false expectations and false hopes.  

So here's a little tutorial...... from what I know.  And it comes from experience.  Mucho experience.  Take it for what it's worth.  And at this new year time of resolutions.... keep it close to your mind and heart as you decide the appropriate steps for you to begin living healthier days.  

#1 - the fit Facebook mom who posed with her kids with the caption of "What's your excuse?"  Tacky in so many ways.   Maybe my excuse is hormonal imbalance, illness, injury or permanent restriction of range and scope of activity.  Maybe medications that affect metabolism and body mass along with strength and energy.  Maybe age, hereditary factors, pre or post joint replacement, and the list goes on.  One body does not equate with others.  And y'all, skinny does not even begin to equal fit.  

Fitness is a combination of strength, flexibility, and endurance.  Fitness is not a number on a scale or the size of your pants.  Fitness is maintaining and/or increasing your ability to move freely and live a health filled, strong, productive life for all the years you are given.  

And yes, body fat and so much else goes into the mix.  But hear my words - they go into the mix.  The mix.  The mix of so much more. 

So in the coming days I'd like to occasionally talk about some fitness things....

And seriously.... love to the young people entering this profession because it's a long road.  Hard on the body, trying of our patience and energy, but worth every minute of it.  I, in fact, was hired for my very first job EVER at the age of 16 going on 17 in a local women's fitness studio.  Way back when.  Back when we wore tiny leotards that could be considered an exotic dancer's on stage outfit.  And we sported leg warmers and high top shoes with absolutely no foot support.  And suntan color tights to finish it all out.  Awesomeness topped with a headband.  

(And one night on the way home from work,  my car broke down.  In the dark, in the lonely, and in my tiny clothes.  And I ran across a busy street to a closed Kmart store where the store manager and his sweet wife took me in and stayed with me till I could get help. And I, and my suntan tights will never forget their kindness that night.) 

And I knew absolutely nothing about aerobics or really anything for that matter...but I fit the outfit.  And I so thankful that I did.  Because it was a God thing that made all of it work out the way it has.  And the years have brought me numerous certifications and specialties and experiences.  And a million years later I'm still at it.  

In health and fitness.....  


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