Saturday, January 4, 2014

For Pete's sake people.... STOP saying LIKE!!!!

My kids want to move to China ... or Africa ... or anywhere but here.  Because their mom is mean.  In so many different ways.

Tonight I cooked macaroni and cheese.  Which every other kid in America loves.  And the kids who don't live in America would love to move here so they could eat some.  But my kids are weird. 

And the meatballs that I cooked weren't, according to the 13 year old meatball expert in the house, REAL meatballs.  They were turkey.  Which, indeed, IS meat - I told him.  The kind of meat that, if you insist on eating a lot of meat, may add years to your life.  And will hopefully prevent heart attack and artery plaque in his mid 40's.  He didn't like my answers... but he ate the fake meatballs anyway.  It was that or a salad. 

And I insist that my kids speak to me and others with proper grammar.  Because I happen to be on a mission to save the world from the young and the not so young who begin and inject every sentence and thought with the word LIKE.  Example.... People who like speak that way like drive me crazy.  I tell my kids to replace the word like with the word banana.  And if at the end of the sentence you end up with a bunch of bananas - you said it all wrong.  Sam was talking basketball and he told me that someone "LIKE ran" up behind him and stole the ball.  I asked him if they "LIKE ran" or if they just ran.  He decided it was easier not to talk to me.

And be warned, if your kid spends any time in my house or car or for that matter, anywhere near me - a former school teacher - I will correct his speech as well.  Consider me a missionary of proper grammar. 

AND...... the money talk we had over the yucky macaroni and cheese and fake meatballs I force fed them for dinner......  talk of money that they don't have.  And they think I do.  They also think Santa brought them all those presents for Christmas at the deep deep Santa discount.  And that boy scout winter camp was free.  And they want to go skating tonight and I said no if they don't have the money to pay for it.  Because I'm mean that way.  

And poor little Sam had to brush his teeth twice.  Because after round one he failed inspection, and had to do it again.  And once more he decided it's just easier not to talk to me. 

So it's a new year and we're right back to business as usual.  But I've spent the last days reading lots of posts of people's resolutions for the new and memories of the past.  And I know from being in the fitness business for a lifetime that most people will come see me with those healthy hopes resolutions in the next few weeks, and many will leave me again by spring break.  And I also know that sometimes when I  concentrate on a time frame of memories, it can be a painfully mixed blessing.  Though most of us don't like to share those memories.  We like to share the good ones - and post pretty pictures that go along with them.  

Last year I watched my son being cyber bullied, I hurt my back like nobody's business, and I had the great stomach virus of 2013.   But I also enjoyed two of my boys making public their decision to follow Christ as savior, and one make tremendous strides of growth and change as a new middle schooler.  I've traveled and rested, worked and written and prayed and thought and planned.  Mostly in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep.  

So how do I measure a year?  A year as Kristi?  A year as a mom?  

Should I count laundry loads?  Trips to the store?  Meals eaten or wasted?  Words spoken and heard - or maybe not?  Sam actually told me the other day after I had said something atleast 200 times.... I didn't actually hear anything you said, Mama.  Nice that he's honest, anyway.  I like that a lot.

I can measure time passed in time well spent with friends and family and time at work helping people to lead strong healthy lives.  I can look back on the hours at home - making a home. I can see the growth of my kids physically and in leaps and bounds of preparation for independence and adulthood.  I can take measures of lessons learned and obstacles jumped and crises averted.  

I can take a measure of a life filled with smiles and hugs and mumbled I love you's  - even from the kid who thinks he's too big to actually speak the words clearly.    And I can measure my days as those filled with God's amazing grace that allows me each new day to be a friend, wife, and mom. 

And as I review past days I have to ask myself if I lived with integrity and purpose. 

Did I influence anyone for the better?  And what can I do to make sure that I do in this new year?

Happiest of new years to you.  May the gift of God's amazing grace be seen in your every day in 2014. 

And wishing you and your kids proper grammar along the way. 

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