Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I'll probably be the mom that's still kissing them in front of their friends even into adulthood.

I was cleaning the shower this morning and thought, first... I hate to clean the shower... and second, I really need a housekeeper.  And it made me think of all the things I do that I don't really want to... and why.

Because 13 years ago I became a mom for the first time.

So I started a brain list of my last few days... the chores and tasks, not including the 15 hours a week I work to actually get paid $$$$.  And I came up with this... not all inclusive.... because I would still be typing....

Bought groceries, cleaned bathrooms, did exactly 1 ton of laundry, hosted a teacher luncheon for 60, attended parent conferences and PTA meetings, took care of a sick kid, made beds, chased down a school bus to retrieve a lost french horn, changed sheets, ran out of hot water when last in the shower, bought new pansies, vacuumed at least twice, picked up 900 stray socks off the floor, delivered a missing school ID badge, cooked some, cleaned some more, fit in a little hug time, and sat outside and watched the boys wrestle in the front yard.  Okay, fight... call it whatever. But we call it together time.

So I had to ask myself why I thrive in the busyness of the to do lists.  Of the lists of buying more notebook paper and replacing lost lunch boxes, and volunteering, and decorating the house... Because I'm trying to create a home. 

Sam.  I love the sound of his little voice.  Because it's still little.  Not in between.  Not the voice of almost adulthood.  Just the sweet I love you mama that melts me every time.  And how quickly it can all change.  All of a sudden when you're not looking.  I know all about it.... because my oldest tries to mumble his love most of the time.  Or leave it unspoken too much of the time - which is bad for all the ones all caught up in love. 

So I don't let it leave. I keep saying it.  And doing it.  IT.  Hugging, kissing, saying lots and lots of embarrassing things to them that moms like to do.  And yes, I probably will be the mom that's still kissing them in front of their friends even into adulthood. 

And as I've had a sick teenager at home the last couple of days, I've watched and listened and taken note of some things that I just adore about these boys.

 I love that they can have a backpack full of treasures and take on the world.  

  I love that a bike is an open door of opportunity.


I love that they never get too big to play.  

And I love that an adventure can begin in their hearts, and might take them far from home - maybe on a 2 night backpacking camping trip - but they always want to come home.  Good things happen at home, too. 

And I love that they still need to be cared for and appreciated.  Don't we all?  That even when the teenage shyness strikes, sometimes all it takes is a little bit of fever to remind him that family is a good thing.  And that there's quite a bit around to be thankful for.  

And these couple of days at home with a feverish kid just may have been what I needed to remind me of those same things.


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