Sunday, January 12, 2014

Would I rather poke myself in the eye with a stick or get these boys ready for church this morning?

This morning Fireman Dave cut his finger on a potato peeler.  Twice.  And he was upsetting me with all the blood so I dropped and shattered a glass all over the kitchen floor.

And Kid 1 desperately needed boot cut pants - pronto.  And Kid 2's pants were suddenly too small.  And in the background a door slammed and one brother threatened to beat another to a pulp.  Exact words, by the way. 

Let the rumble begin.    All on the way to meet God on this beautiful Sunday morning. 

Ever hear of that game kids like to play..... Would you rather?  Would you rather eat a bug or dive off a cliff? I was going thru my list of would I rathers this morning as I sat here typing and trying to drown out the screams of who's stupid and why other brother never gets in trouble for this or that.... and what's in that muffin that looks like something healthy?   Kid 3 called it disgusting.  But I bit my tongue and didn't give the old starving children in Africa speech because it never works.  

Would I rather poke myself in the eye with a stick or get these boys ready for church this morning?  Would I rather be dragged behind a moving car or get these boys ready for church this morning?  And you can see how it was all playing out around here.  
But even when I feel like I'm out of patience and time, and I'm hungry and have to get somewhere on a schedule - I'm the first face these boys see each day. I get to set the tone for the day.  I have that opportunity.  And I have a help and strength in a god that cares about the details of my day.  

And I can't stop the fast moving train of stupids and disgustings and lost shoes once it's rolling.... but I can try to start each day with what this mom wishes filled the days of every child each morning.  Love.  Listening.  Time.  And the comfort of home.  The comfort of now.  The comfort of being present in this moment with a family that cares for their needs despite their sleepy headed bad attitudes. 

But feeling low on fuel and ability and wise words to impart, and just trying to get everyone to brush their teeth seems like such a battle at times.  And that's when I have to remember to say the words.  So simple.  God, please let me be the mom you need me to be today.  And with that trust, he can multiply my small efforts into something that will not only get these kids finally out the door, but that will get these kids out into this big world with faith that there is more to this day than the morning rush.  

For your week, may you see opportunity in the chaos, time in the rush, and God's blessings upon the details of your days.  

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