Saturday, February 15, 2014

And I tried to give thought to words that could possibly honor a life lost in service to others

The sun finally showed itself to us again today.  So I sat outside, blanket on my legs, journal at the ready in case I somehow got inspired.  And I tried to give thought to words that could possibly honor a life lost in service to others.  I came up short, but remembered this....  Not my own words, of course, but oh so beautiful to share.

“The world might stop in ten minutes; meanwhile, we are to go on doing our duty. The great thing is to be found at one's post as a child of God, living each day as though it were our last, but planning as though our world might last a hundred years.”― C.S. Lewis

And so today I simply offer a prayer.

Amazing God, keeper of our stories and writer of our days, we thank you for your gifts and blessings far too great to name.  For those seen and unseen, for those past and those yet to come.  You are the source of all good, from our every breath to the sunlight that lights our way. 

Today I am mindful of surprise endings and of new beginnings; Of broken hearts in need of your loving touch, but hearts too heavy to receive.  I am mindful of worry and a renewed sense of caution.  And my heart hurts for those surrounded by doubt and left alone with fear. 

We thank you for opportunity, though it is at times disguised as something entirely different.  Help us to look to you for help in the times we usually rely on routine and history to lead us.  Allow us the knowledge of your presence on this day as we navigate a world apart from you. 

Thank you God for time together and memories made.  You are our peace in the hurry, our quiet in the noise, and our promise of hope even in darkness. 

We praise you that you continually provide and give freely of your love, even in the times we deserve it the least.  God, you are present in our details, and we can know with all confidence that the times of our lives matter to you.  That you rejoice in our joys, and cry with us in our hurt.

We ask your abundant peace when the comfort of our days has been stripped away.  Calm our hearts and minds as we daily try to find our places.  

For your week... may God surround you with his love wherever you may be. 


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