Saturday, February 22, 2014

Wishing you all joy this weekend

And I waited till the very last minute to see if my kids have clothes to wear to their cousin's wedding today.  Still not sure, but will definitely post pics of whatever we all end up looking like.  

And also waited till the very last minute to buy the girl a gift.  And I chose the heaviest of all things in the Target but I think she'll like it.  And her 20 page bridal registry print - out blew out of the cart all over the parking lot on the way to the car.  So I chased down every last page so as not to litter east Dallas. 

And I saw a man balancing his baby on the handle bars of a bicycle.  Just sayin.  People are crazy.  Which is totally what keeps firemen in business.  

So our weekend will be filled with Saturday school for all my children who are math challenged.  Baseball practice for the sports inclined and a family weekend of togetherness and a wedding to celebrate a young lady's happy day.  Oh, and cotillion class graduation where I will get to dance with a very dapper 12 year old - maybe the fox trot and a little disco or something.  But looking forward to my date.  

Wishing you all joy this weekend.  May your days be filled with learning, math or otherwise.  May the wind blow for you, not against.  And hoping you don't have to chase trash all over the place.

May all your burdens be light.  May your days be filled with family, friends, fun and maybe some dancing.  May love fill the air all around you and your days be remembered for the special occasions that they are.  

Have a good one, friends. 

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