Sunday, February 23, 2014

Because God and everybody knows that after a good fight, no one wants to share the same double bed

a family weekend...  


5 of us sharing a small hotel room.... and one bathroom and 2 beds..... 

I slept with a 10 year old's knee in my hip all night, daddy slept in a chair, and the other 2 got in a fight.  REALLY, a fight.  And one tried to sleep in the closet with his jeans as a blanket.  Because God and everybody knows that after a good fight, no one wants to share the same bed.

Good times....  And we got the cousin married off.  And it was lovely.  And we danced and had pretty weather and gathered some memories, new moves and stories.

(and that's a borrowed car, y'all.... for the bride and groom, not us,  because we're just us.  But every one of my men had to have a photo session with it..) 

And as with any family get together of extended proportions.... come trying times.  And this weekend I saw the good of togetherness, and I saw the stress of forced togetherness.  I saw the excitement of wanting to be together.  And I saw the worry over how we were going to be together.  And it happens to all of us, I think, at some time.  Every single one of us  - and if it hasn't yet for you, just wait.  

So I stood in the country club bathroom and listened to my sweet niece talk about ... things.  And I've heard the same stories, albeit different perspectives, from others.  And all I could do was offer a listening ear.  Because I'm not much good for anything else.  Their issues aren't mine.  Their hurts aren't mine.  And any attempt I try to make it part of me, it's just gonna end in complete disastrous destruction.    So I cut out of the macarena and spent time in the ladies room with someone I love... and I tried to love.  By listening.    And I spent other parts of the weekend with others that I love... and again I tried to love.  By not talking, not judging, not involving, not fixing, and not discussing.  But just being who I am... a person kinda on the outside looking in - with no agenda other than loving on people I love. 

And by offering a safe place to talk, hopefully I did what I set out to do.  Love on the ones I love.  

The one wise-ish thing I actually said, I think... was that one day all of us may have our tables turned.  May get our turn at the hurt.  So we need to watch and listen with loving observation now.  With quiet pauses before we speak. 

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