Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Today I reminded my husband how expensive I am. And I know he silently considered finding a new wife

So not much going on in the last couple of days.... no life lessons to be gleaned.  No broken teeth, bones or anything caught on fire.  But possible pink eye  - not ME - a kid.  Not sure yet, though - might be something else equally as awful.  Just don't kiss any of my kids till we get diagnosis on Friday. 

Yesterday's news... 

I sat at a busy intersection and waited for a horse and rider to cross the road.  This is Texas, y'all.

And last night the boys learned my secret desire to be a back up singer as husband I watched old episodes of the music show, Midnight Special, and gave the kids a full concert on the couch.  And they begged us to stop and change the channel.  Then acted disgusted and embarrassed yet thankful that we were in the privacy of our own home.  So I obviously know every song from 1977.  My best performance was the background parts to Lou Rawls easy listening song , You're gonna miss my lovin'...  long 70's flowy dress and all.  Love.

Fast forward to today.... reminded my husband how expensive I am.  And I know he silently considered finding a new wife with good vision.   I could see it in his eyes.   My Lasik surgery from 8 years ago has worn off and if I've seen you from a distance in the last year or so and smiled at you.... you can assume I didn't know who you were and I was just being polite.

So I'm back in contacts after 8 years and I can see you and the leaves on the trees.  But then I had to get a back up pair of glasses and new sunglasses.  Which David thinks the $10 drugstore kind are lovely and tried to get me to consider..... but that's just a no.  I would rather eat peanut butter for every meal the rest of my life and splurge on fancy eyes than be less than I can be.  Fantastically accessorized.  

But hours into the search, frustration and exhaustion took over and at an all time blood sugar low I got mad at husband and the sales guy and we walked out of lens crafters and bought a cookie.  To calm my nerves and the monster growing inside.  And I learned that these awesomely wonderful shades I've been sporting for the last while make me look like a fly.  Thank you man in lens crafters who empowered my husband to agree.  There is obvious strength in numbers.

So they talked me into a smaller pair of frames with just enough bling on the sides to please, but not quite so starlet powered.  I also recently learned that my husband, though he claims to have loved me since he was 11, had a thing for a girl named Emily in 9th grade - who came back from summer break having lost both weight and her glasses.  He still stands by his lifetime of love for me, but says 15 year old boys can spread themselves pretty thin in that regard.

Anyway, the grand total was almost a million dollars for the exam and contacts - the ONE pair in my eyes now.  So I'm gonna love them like my own children.  Then another billion for glasses and sunglasses.  And David  started heavy breathing like he was going to scream or die and I reminded him that I love him for all the wonderful care he provides for his family - and that now I will no longer look like a fly.  So honey, it's all for the good.

How's your week so far? 

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