Monday, March 24, 2014

And I'm pretty sure I smelled burning flesh. All in the name of beauty.

Not long ago I had a day of insane hair static and an unseemly rash of Biblical proportions.  Think leprosy.  On my neck and chest so I couldn't hide it or from it.... and the only person who would talk to me while I was out shopping was a lady trying on shoes who didn't speak English.  She wanted to know if some super high heels looked good on her and if I could help her reach down to fasten the buckle.  

We did all that pretty much with eye contact and improvised sign language, language barrier and all.  But she smiled and her shoes looked cute on her and she wasn't afraid of my rash.  And now I love her forever.

And the sad thing about it all is that I may have done it to myself.  Like the episode from the old 1960's Batman TV show where Penguin ties Batman and Robin to the scales of doom to drop to their deaths in a boiling tank of acid - I slathered my sun scorched parts with some new stuff and had a freakish allergic reaction much like the boy scout pot luck dinner incident of 2012.  And I'm pretty sure I smelled burning flesh.  All in the name of beauty.  

Or was it all in vanity?  Maybe.  Probably.  Because fear of aging is a disease that strikes all females of a certain age..... like all of us who know every single song from 1977.  

And those of us that totally dig retro chic dresses like this one.  (And use words like dig in modern conversation).

So another year came and went, which is much better than the alternative.  And a friend hosted a little party for me over the weekend that was very nice and special to be thought of.  And I enjoyed the evening and the cake and the sweet gifts, but more than that, I came away with a certain memory that I will forever keep.... the Happy Birthday song.  Sung by three families of neighborhood friends - to me. 

Because when it was time to fill in the birthday girl's name in the song, my  name, I heard 3 different versions.  Happy Birthday to ... Kristi ... Mom ... Mrs. Walters......

And it reminded me that these years I celebrate today have filled my life with many different roles.  Always changing as time moves forward, but for now I fill the role of wife, mom, friend, coworker, neighbor, mom of the Walters boys, and all around good gal. 

And time keeps marching on, and knowing myself all too well, I'll probably continue on the anti aging quest of doom.  But the flip side of the story is the good part.  The beautiful part.  The part where getting older brings to mind memories of both good and bad, but of times well spent and useful.  Times of joy and sadness, times of strength, and times of change.  But all in all, times of my life.  

And I am thankful today for those years - and though sometimes I may wish to change the look of them - I wouldn't change for a minute, the feel of them.

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