Wednesday, March 26, 2014

And obviously Sears sends along a pack of ants with each new appliance purchase

A friend said that we - as in us, the angels, pirates, thieves and their parents... lead the most interesting lives.  And I think I smiled and secretly thought she must be crazy.  Or maybe I said that out loud.  Because sometimes when I write things on here, I tend to not write things on here - because it doesn't come with a lesson or a meaning.  It's just stuff.  

And we all have our stuff.  Like when kid 2 told me the muffins I just made are disgusting because I used wheat flour.  That's just stuff - from a mom trying to add a few healthy years on to the lives of my kids.  And when kid 1 pushed kid 3 into a wall or closet or somewhere out of my view this morning, and screams followed, that's just normal stuff too.  (Then kid 3 locked kid 1 out of the car and the battle continued all the way to the bus stop. Then I threw them out of the car and drove away as quickly as possible.   You can totally see tire tracks in the parking lot.)

But I love that someone thinks we're interesting.  I tried to watch that Duck Dynasty show ONE TIME.  And that's all they got... because all they did was sit in a field and wait for a turkey to shoot.  And there went an hour of my life that I'll never get back.   So I am overly thankful for y'all who give your time to read....our stuff.  I stand amazed in your presence.

So y'all  - last year we had fleas - and I swore I was gonna sell this house if we couldn't solve our pestilence problem.  Which we finally did.  Till now. Since we got a new dishwasher.  And obviously Sears sends along a pack of ants with each new appliance purchase. 

And today I lost all patience and cooked my ants a poison apple pie.  And each person who comes home later, I need to remember to tell them NOT to eat that pie on the counter.   

And over the weekend someone in California used our debit card to the tune of    $500 ish.  And we live in Texas.  So it wasn't me.  Which is the very first thing  my husband asked when I got home from the grocery store.  Did you?  No I DID NOT.  But the bank caught on quickly and stopped any more debit hanky panky on the west coast.  

And earlier in the week - the biggest day of my husband's life - even topping the day he met and/or married me and the birth of our children - was day one of the fire department promotional exam.  For y'all non-fireman readers, it's like the world wide knowledge test of firefighting...where the winner takes all.  And possibly gets a promotion.  

So he was all excited and ready for his mid-day report to duty time - till young Christopher called from school - having just found Daddy's car keys in his pants pocket.  And I have no idea why.  Because he's 12, and he can't drive.  And the middle school is a school bus ride away across town.  Which in a situation like this just seems like a bad choice on our part.  

But a wonderful fireman friend came to the rescue - a friend who drove fireman David to my work to get the extra key - and saved the day -  as the firemen always do.  All in a 5 mile road trip.  

But now we know that the extra key we thought we had only opens the car door.  It doesn't start the car.  And now we know to not send a kid out to daddy's car to look for his baseball pants before school.  And... we saw a wonderful example of true friendship.  And y'all that's the big one.  

And in recognizing who our friends are - I should ask myself some important things. 

Am I a person who gives without hesitation, who shows up upon request no matter the need or time, and acts from my heart, not bound by my over-committed schedule?  

Because when we least expect to be seen in such a light, the bright light of truth - the big reveal - our true character will either shine for good or - not. 

And as good as it is to have a network of folks to rely on and trust,... in order to develop and maintain those relationships, so must others be able to rely on me for the same. So I need to start looking closer at that.  That part of me that I'm not sure I know the answer to right now. 

A friend loves at all times.  Proverbs 17:17

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