Monday, March 3, 2014

Meet Naked Cowboy. He might be on to something.

I ran into this guy the other day.  Just a guy out working hard trying to earn a living.  As a naked cowboy.  Which I found fascinating and had to have a photo op.  I also suggested to my oldest, the guitar playing son, that maybe he can earn money for boy scout camp this way.  

And this afternoon I'm wondering if naked cowboy may have life pretty easy out on the range.... could be simpler out there just naked, playing the guitar... than being on a snow day stuck in the house with three kids.  He might be on to something.  And I might ask if he needs an assistant.

So right now one kid is in the corner.  Another kid is in the opposite corner.  Because all *&%$ broke loose around here.  And there was at least one headlock and several mixed martial arts moves involved.  And one kid is in the bathroom pretending to take an extra long time so maybe someone else will carry out the trash. 

And there was actually no snow at all today, but the schools closed anyway.  Creating havoc and distress city wide among parents.   And I know that all around town, parents are nodding their heads in agreement that we need to look into a good military school.  

So post fight, we went with time out corners - like toddlers.  And I am currently taking ideas in the comments section on other unique and useful ways to break up fights with 3 bigger than mom boys. 

We've had screams loud enough to scare the dog, pillow fights with my expensive Pottery Barn pillows, football throwing in the living room, lego throwing at the brother in the opposing corner, and a full wrestling match over who ate the most muffins.  

I've heard who is -  and who will one day be -  a better football player, a better baseball player, whose head is biggest,  and that we're all gonna get sick because the milk wasn't fresh.  And I quit listening around the time the conversation pointed toward the world revolving entirely around them.  

(And it happens to be 22 degrees so it would just be mean to throw them all outside.)

I'm the first to tell them when I don't like the things they say or do  -  or in the case of homework and chores, the things they don't do.  But then I'm their biggest cheerleader in telling them that there's nothing they can do to make my love change.  I may have to take a short shopping trip or walk around the block to rekindle the flame, but it's always there.   

And maybe you have one or more in a corner somewhere.  Maybe you also have one that likes to hide out in the potty.  But this I know for sure.... that we all have our mom moments no matter the age - theirs or ours.  And I thought it would get easier the older the boys got..... and I will say that much of it has.  But then they surprise me all over again and again and again.... and I am still, this many years into the game, at a loss for what to do.  

And this is why I write about motherhood..... because it's always there.  


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