Saturday, March 1, 2014

So I read in the news this week that Kim Kardashian's butt won't stop growing. And I'm worried for her.

So I read in the news this week that Kim Kardashian's butt won't stop growing.  And I'm worried for her.  But news like that makes me take comfort that my problems seem small in comparison.  Here's our end of the week recap... for inquiring minds....  

Did you know there's an eye disease where the eyeball tries to turn itself into skin?  The good news is that my son does NOT have that.  And neither does he have pink eye.  It just looks like it on occasion.  He has some other odd body thing where the immune system thinks something is going on when it's really not, and the body attacks itself - in this case, the eye.  So we're on it now.  Now that we finally have our health insurance restored after the unfortunate clerical error with the insurance company.  Eye condition non contagious, by the way, just weird, so you are free to kiss my kids now.

And the whole eye exam/glasses purchase for me turned into a circus of anxiety producing proportions.  Not at all interesting enough to write about...

but I did end up at another great optical place in town, small, long standing, locally owned - and walked out all Hollywood like in these great Prada frames.  

Husband was nowhere near to comment or complain and he has already promised to never shop for glasses with me again.   Problem solved. 

And to finish out the week.... I met a certain young lady in the grocery store parking lot.  And none involved drove away happy.  (And I almost didn't publish this particular post  - but then thought about it again.... it's one of those crazy world we live in situations that I have to tell someone about for it to fully make sense in the brain that it really happened.)  And yes, my friends.... it really happened.  And yes, there are people in this world that, though made in God's lovely image, are not putting their happy faces forward.  So I'm sharing.  Read on and gasp in disbelief.......

All because of the lower salt fritos.... that my kids didn't like....

I decided that if I smothered them in ground meat and cheese and called it frito pie, the boys would eat it and it would make for an easy Friday night meal.  And I wouldn't be wasting a perfectly good bag of fritos. 

So I drove into the grocery store parking lot - going the CORRECT direction down the lane of traffic, and met a young lady head on driving the WRONG direction in the lane of traffic.  I like to call her stubborn girl.   

And she apparently wanted me to be the one to back up.  And I was thinking no to that-  feeling  newly empowered by my awesome shades.  So stubborn girl sat there and pretended to check her manicure.  And waited.  And blocked traffic.  And waited some more.  And I looked in her car at her unbuckled children climbing all over the place and decided I could wait also... now that I was trapped in there anyway.... The ground meat would still be there in a few.  So we called it a car to car showdown.  

And traffic backed up behind me because no one could drive forward past stubborn girl.  And finally a concerned citizen went in to find the grocery store security officer and we all still sat.  All while my kids were at home, hungry and playing endless video games without my supervision.   And I wondered if maybe they might get hungry enough to just eat the low salt fritos. 

So the store manager came out along with concerned citizen and told stubborn girl that the police were on the way.  Stubborn girl tells concerned citizen to load her groceries in the car and mind her own business.   

And after a lengthy grocery store stay where I ended up with absolutely no food whatsoever, the young lady decided it best to move her car.  And she still never buckled her climbing toddlers into seat belts.  And my kids ended up eating grilled cheese.  

(And yes, my husband does frown on me mixing it up in parking lot situations....) 

Showdown complete.  Who won?  Absolutely no one.  

May your week bring you warmth, sunshine, healthy bodies and positive experiences all around.  May you spread your beautiful light around as the hands and feet of God in a world full of craziness and anxiety filled moments.  And wishing you a weekend of togetherness, rest and peace in knowing that no matter how stressful the days can be,.... we are held in the hands of the one that loves us and cares for our every thought.  

Y'all, let's spread some good stuff out there.

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  1. Thats when stubborn people need their licenses taken away on the spot.


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