Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Lofty goals for a wanna be superstar

 I was thankful recently to spend time with a new friend.  One who makes everyone feel important and interesting and hand made by a God that filled them up with goodness.  

And she is able to do that because she is filled with a goodness of her own that comes from a divine and powerful source - a strong belief in a God that has walked her through life experiences, taught her perseverance and shown her grace and love.

What a beautiful person I can now add to the list of beautiful people I know.  

And I hope, as one of my many life wishes, to be on someone's beautiful list one day.  I really don't care whose.  Well maybe not a crazy person's list.  Or anyone scary.  Lofty goals for a wanna be superstar.

And super small world.... I ran across these words that I had written some time ago.  Maybe, just for a moment,  we can all find our value in things other than what the world is telling us?  

I think I'll try.  I need to try. 

For your week... may you know that you are loved, valued, appreciated and thanked for all that you are.  And all that you do.  May you know without a doubt that you are in this moment, in this place, right now.... for God's glory.  May you find joy in the coming days.  May you find peace and rest in God's beautiful love for you.  

May you feel your worth and value - and shout to the world that their opinions don't matter.  Because you are chosen and treasured, valuable and cherished. You are beautiful for the gift that you are. 


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  1. This was not only beautiful, but truly inspiring! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  2. Thank you times a million.


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