Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Obviously a little blog disclaimer is necessary. Just found that out....

Long story.   

Y'all my intention is for this blog to always be a good place.   And I promise you that if I write it on here, it's my attempt at positive and thoughtful - not mean. 


My heart.  And my thoughts.  And my history and experiences.  And my creativity.  And my wickedly awful sense of humor all added up together equals =  ME.

I am what I am, as Popeye the sailor would say.

And I really do crazy love my kids.  More than words in a million blogs could ever say.... And no, I wouldn't really throw them out without an XBOX to their name.  But I would consider throwing the XBOX out with them.   

My kid stories?  All from a filled to the top joyful mom heart.  But a heart that is capable of honesty, truth, reality, and hope.  All that together equals = LOVE.  (Except this morning when the 13 year old had to redo closing the car door 3 times before he finally lost the attitude and did it right.  No love lost between the 2 of us in that deal.) 

And y'all.... if I mention someone on the blog,... you, maybe.... it's because you became a part of my day or days.  You became a big enough part of things to occupy places in my mind.... and make me start to think about how it all fits in.  And I guarantee that if I mention you on here, or anyone on here (except for crazy Miss V at the gym who thinks I wear see through pants to work) -  it is never meant for negativity, or complaints or harm.  You have my word. And it makes me a little sad that I even have to say that out loud. 

Today I was reminded how a message that I hear in my mind ONE way, can be received in completely another.  Because we all come with our own stuff.  Stuff that has built our perceptions and beliefs and make us lean our thoughts toward good or bad.  And really, it doesn't matter how good the message is... it's only as good as it is received.   

And finally, yes the things I write on here are true.  The boys really do those things.... you know which things.... refer back to almost every entry..... (And yes, I've been told I have a flair for the dramatic.  I like big hair and big stories.) 

And the spitting and hitting and name calling and whatnot?  From here till eternity I'm gonna group all boy antics into the category of whatnot ...... for the most part, I soak it all in as part of the deal.  And honestly, I wouldn't know what to do if it were different.  Except for the spitting, hitting, name calling and whatnot.... 

So, call it complaining or fussing or whatever .... I call it living the high life with my angels, pirates and thieves by my side.  Sometimes so high we soar with joy, others so high I'm afraid they'll push me off a cliff.  

So all that being said....  Popeye and I are standing strong in our declarations of character.  Love me or leave me.  (But really crossing my fingers and hoping you don't leave me.) 

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