Thursday, April 10, 2014

Today you touched a life without even knowing it. Because you were you.

One day husband asked me, What color would your hair really be if you didn't do anything to it?  Why not just ask me how much I weigh, you crazy man?   Straight to the heart, folks.  Then we went to lunch, and time to pay?   He looked over at me  - expectantly -  like I was gonna do it.  Another of many opportunities to ask him the question I tend to ask him most.....What's WRONG with you?  
I think the more comfortable we get around each other, the easier it gets to just say stuff.  Stuff that maybe shouldn't be said.  Stuff that we wish we could take back. (And it goes both ways.  It gets easier to not say the things that maybe we should.)   And it's not just at home...   

This week my mouth spoke before my brain had time to stop it.  Not unkind words, but definitely careless.  Words possibly heard by  a coworker and completely insensitive to a loss suffered in his family.  Totally unintentional on my part, but that doesn't matter.  I still said it.  Ears still heard it.  And then I felt horrible - about 2 hours later - because darn if it didn't take me that long to realize.   And I apologized for insensitivity and carelessness and thoughtlessness and all the other bad things I could label myself with in said apology. 

So once again words weigh heavily on my mind.  Good words and bad, words with careful thought and words spit out spur of the moment.  And realizing again that our words carry the weight of the world in them - even when we have no idea their impact.  And thinking today about kind words and thankful words and opportunity to share them with those around us.   

A while back I received the nicest compliment from a gentleman at the gym where I work.  Something about my approachability, and a kind of beauty that will never fade.  And I think my mouth fell open in shock.  Amazingly good stuff.   And I just took it all in.  Like a compliment hungry sponge.  And it could've totally been a senior moment for him, and he might take it all back tomorrow..... But I take what I can get.  

How wonderful to be pulled aside for a conversation of thanks, not complaints.  For praise, not criticism.  Because y'all .... there's plenty of that stuff out there.  

These particular kind words came from a man that recently had a serious health scare.  So now with a renewed love of life, he appears to be making sure he uses his days for good.  And my heart heard his kind words.  And I had to say, WOW... he sees THAT?...  In  ME?  

And knowing that growth can't come without challenge, here's one for all of us today.  Let's see how easy is it to lean right over and say something nice to someone.  Go ahead and try it now.  Now.  And then maybe that person will lean right over and say something nice to someone else - or even back to you.  Or maybe both of you will venture out a little further and say something nice to someone on the street or at the gym or at work or at the grocery store which is totally where we all need a big dose of nice words.

Maybe you like the way your friend does something so great, or how she makes others feel comfortable and happy when around her.  Maybe she makes the world's best chocolate cake.  So say it.  Tell her.  Because she needs to hear it today.  She really wants to hear it today.  And she's waiting for you to be the one to start the conversation. 

So I'll start.... you are pretty darned amazing at what you do.  Emptying the dishwasher twice, the four loads of laundry - and still not all caught up, the cooking, teaching, and errand running, the day to day of your job, the way you smile, laugh, and do that other thing all your own.  

Today you touched a life without even knowing it.  Because you were you.  And all that love and time you put into your family and friends today?  It made a big difference.  Because with those little moments, you left a big piece of good behind in them. 

Blessings to you today.  

(and in answer to my husband's hair question.... blonde.  But maybe not exactly this shade.)

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