Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I wasn't paying attention. Because I was all caught up in our sweet dreams and hungry for donuts.

It's been one of those loud kid, messy house kind of weeks.  One of those multiple trips to Target kind of weeks - trying to find just the right lamp for my bathroom counter because I get a notion and go crazy with it.  It's been one of those kid falling off his skateboard and hurting his tailbone kind of weeks.  A kid with girl troubles, and one who just cant seem to find any pants kind of weeks. 

It's been ants on the kitchen counter and late library book fines.  It's been an impromptu husband road trip kind of weeks  - the kind where he says, I might be gone on Tuesday - when it's already Sunday and he actually knows for a fact that he will indeed be gone on Tuesday. 

It's been one of those hellacious storm kind of weeks - with tornado sirens and power outages and texts from a far away child that they've been removed from the bus and placed in shelter back in the school.  

It's been one of those come home from school and immediately take off your pants and eat all the potato chips you can find if you're a 13 year old boy kind of weeks. 

And a drop off a kid at the fire station for daddy to deal with kind of weeks.  He ended up washing dishes.   

It's been one of those we're totally out of gas in the car and out of food in the house kind of weeks.  And someone needs a last minute purple shirt and black pants for a school program. Pronto.  Oh yeah, and the dog had no food.  So I cooked her some scrambled eggs. 

It's been a guitar lesson and karate class and flag football game kind of week.  

And a neighbor who made the news for doing a very bad thing kind of weeks.

It's also been one of those I don't feel like writing about much kind of weeks.  

I guess because my thoughts keep going back again and again to the neighbor incident  - 3 doors down.  To the house where my kids use the circle drive to ride bikes and skateboards.  To the house that we didn't know the owner well, and right now I can't decide if I'm glad or sad about that part.  

Y'all it opened my eyes.  It made me wake up on a beautiful Saturday morning and see a street filled with police and firemen and TV news vans.  And it made me want to go right back inside.  To our safe place where we just woke from sweet sleep and were headed out for donuts.  To our quiet home where we had movie and pizza night the night before.  Where I had no idea that things like this happen so close to home. 

And  maybe that's the big part - that I had no idea that things like this were going on so close to home.   Or anywhere.  I wasn't paying attention.   

Because I was all caught up in our sweet dreams and hungry for donuts. 

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