Sunday, May 25, 2014

My home tour....Otherwise known as What can Kristi do with a can of paint and some lucky garage sale finds

Some bloggers do a regular post called, What I Wore.  Where they take cute pics of themselves in great outfits... but since I mostly wear sweaty aerobic clothes and messy hair ... so much for that.  And lots of bloggers also do Home Tours...  which I considered and then thought no, and then thought yes.  

Today I thought Yes.

Because we went to church and had little to no incident there, other than me trying to get them all dressed and ready and to stop playing army men naked.  Not naked army men, because the army men are dressed.  My little guy was not. And there was one arm bite during worship but that was almost nothing compared to most Sundays.  

So with so much energy remaining, I came home to continue my home remodel on the cheap.  Otherwise known as What can Kristi do with a can of paint and some lucky garage sale finds.  

And while painting this adorable table which started out brown and water stained..... kid 1 joined me outside with a big pitcher of lemonade all for himself and a seat in the back of the car, doors all open and radio on.  Till it all died, and now the key is stuck in the ignition with no power and we're stuck at home.  Being crafty. 

(The red pie safe in the right side of this picture was a found item in a trash pile years ago by my grandfather.  He put it all back together and it's looked pretty and red like this as long as I can remember.  I'm lucky to have it.)  

Remember the magazine salesman who thought my hair looked nice?  That day I was working on this dresser....  that I bought years ago at a preschool fundraiser garage sale for $5.  Really.  And it sat in my house for all this time and looked ugly but was loved for more than it's beauty - as we all should be. 

And now it looks like this....  the big reveal.  With a clearance rack lamp that I got at  Marshall's.  Anyway, I spent about $50 total on the dresser including paint and hardware.  The labor was free and the time with my 12 year old helper, priceless.   

And this weekend I bought this old mirror at a church garage sale for $6.  Even though the tag said $25 because they were about to close and everything was crazy on sale. 

Now it looks like this and is going over my bed.  The cuteness continues.

So with so many new projects to share, YES, we're gonna take a home tour.  Here ya' go.  

Disclaimer..... We are not a fancy people.  So many things we have were inherited from grandparents, and a sister who died far too young. So I enjoy all the things not only for their beauty, but for the beauty of the gift of family.  Also, for these pictures I took today, I picked up stray socks from everywhere, stuck backpacks behind a chair, put the laundry to be folded behind the couch, and I hid a pile of papers off my bedroom dresser under the white rocker.  I know there is a light bulb out in the bathroom, and I know the mirror on the bedroom wall is a little crooked.  It's just hanging there by a tiny nail to snap the pic.  Thought it was gonna fall and shatter and give me a hundred years of bad antique mirror luck.  

I also know my front door is scratched up, and we'll discuss that in a bit.  I also closed the TV cabinet doors for the first time since electricity was discovered.  I didn't dust for you, but I did turn on pretty lamps to make it look dreamy.  And, I will not show you the boys bathroom or bedroom right now.  They're really pretty nice.... but ...  you know, getting all that photo shoot ready would've required a nap afterwards so I just didn't. 


Here is the front entry hall with a sign that says something about welcoming and blessing all who enter.  Which I find hysterically funny - because when you come to my front door, you're met face to face with a vicious dog that has almost destroyed the door and walls with her claws.  Every day I have to wipe her angry fang marks off the glass from her battle with the mailman.   

And here is the den, family room area.  This is where it all happens.....  

the cute table I painted today, the green rocker that belonged to my grandmother and has its own story, and the big dining table in front of the fireplace... which was also my grandmother's. 

We moved it in here so the kids can do homework or draw or just leave their junk all over it till it piles up like a mountain.  (That fireplace mantle?  Fireman made at the station by my husband and a friend.  I love it.) And I'm pretty sure that's a giant kid made sword in the corner next to the Mickey Mouse back-scratcher that no family should be without.

The rugs in every room are actually outdoor patio rugs from Lowe's because my dog has stomach ailments.  We went with easy to clean. 

The chair in the far corner with palm trees on it?  Hate it.  But husband crazy loves his palm tree chair so up till now we've lived with it.  But on this subject I can't promise him forever.  

And when we bought this house the den was divided by the old existing sliding glass doors.  It also had a full sized bar with sink, brass foot rest and a TV connections alongside the liquor cabinets.  It looked like Cheers, where everyone knows your name.  Those were the first things we ripped out.  

And here's my kitchen.  Original, just as it was in 1956, and still in great shape.  We did the floor tile in house - meaning we did it ourselves with the kids plopped in front of Disney movies so we could work.  And of course we replaced the appliances, the newest being the dishwasher that we got when we bought a whole bunch of ants at Sears.  

The beautiful vintage glass lamp on the counter was an online purchase for $20.  $20 of cuteness and kitchen love. 

But what I love most about our kitchen are the glass front cabinets.  They started out as solid, nothing special cabinet doors, painted green...  till my husband and another fireman friend worked their magic on them at the station and cut the holes for the glass panes.  They gave me their time, talent and a beautiful new kitchen all at the same time. 

And here's my new kitchen sitting area.... the chair is on a trial basis and may be switched out for another.  But the whole situation brought drama and chaos and some exchanges of dirty looks between me and husband.  He thinks once furniture has landed the first time, it should die in that very spot and never be moved again.  Because he doesn't want to be the one to move it.  But I've seen him sitting in this cozy chair drinking his coffee when he doesn't think I'm looking.  The red pie safe in the kitchen belonged to my other grandmother and my sister rebuilt  and painted it.  Another inherited item.  

The dining room is a work in progress so it's bare bones in here now.  And on the floor is the dog that will try to eat you alive if you ring her doorbell.  

So off to the back of the house.  This is a 2 bedroom, 2 bath house... so when I call ours the master bedroom it sounds funny to me.  It's just the one with the attached bathroom so we chose it as ours.   I love the old fan on my dresser.  We use it every night.  It's a find from a vacation trip to North Carolina.  The framed photo on the wall is one we took on vacation in Arkansas and I found the great frame at a garage sale a few years ago.  Lucky me.  The black dresser belonged to my great aunt, was passed to my mom, and then passed to me.  I painted it black and love it.  And the rocking chair is actually blue denim that was our rocker for all our babies, very well loved and worn out but I  just can't part with it.   So I just covered it with a bedspread.  


The bathroom is 1956 original as well.  We replaced the mirror and light fixture and painted everything white to look a little prettier...but that's about it.  The tile is still in great shape (and what a find to have neutral color tile in an old house.  Our first house's bathroom had yellow walls and a blue tub.)

So this is home.... the front of the house.  The chair if you can see it on the porch was a trash pile find of mine.  Found it, stuffed it in the car, and now it welcomes us to sit outside and often catches our mail when the mailman is afraid of the dog.  But you can't talk on the phone out there because there's NO service on the porch or in the yard.  Weird.  Hopefully I'll never be at my last dying breath out there needing to call 911. 

So welcome to our home. I hope my little tour shows that things don't have to be perfect to be beautiful.  And that it doesn't have to be all new - that new to you is great, too.  And that creativity can grow from love and a desire to make a house a home for your family.  

Maybe one day soon the dining room will be all done and adorable and I'll show you.  We may even be brave enough to visit the boys' room and bathroom.   

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  1. Kristy, your home looks so warm and inviting and when all is said and done, I prefer that phrase to big and beautiful.


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