Sunday, June 22, 2014

This is a really short post.... because. Just because.

An old college boyfriend asked me not long ago if he ever took me on his famous date of antiquing followed by a sweet small town picnic.  And sadly, I had to tell him that I missed out on that one.  And then I had looming self doubt about why I didn't get my picnic.  Anyway,....  it made me think that every young man should come prepared with some creative dating ideas and a good handle on romance and the finer things in life......thank you my sweet friend for the inspiration. 

So I spent a day this week teaching my older two the fine art of antiquing followed by a little afternoon rocking chair sitting.  And I must say they did good.

And also this week we....

enjoyed a kid showing us his best ..... followed by a concert at our beautiful symphony center.  Very proud of him. 

Worked a little and painted a few more things blue around the house.  Delightful, I say... But the boys think their real mom must've been abducted by aliens and replaced with a crazy home improvement one from Mars. 

And we sent one kid off to camp for half a week for the time of his little life.  It's good to be 10.

 So this is a really short post.... because.  Just because.  

I'm trying to soak in every moment with these fellas this summer.  And that means spending less time sitting here at the computer.  I'm still around - here and yon, probably painting something else blue.  But at least doing that, I'm home and I can hear their noise sweet words, their games, even their fights.  I can clean up the million drinking glasses they use each day and vacuum up chips out of the couch.  But I'd be in such a different place without all that.  And I'll take chip crumbs any day over the alternative.  

So if I'm not on here as much this summer... never fear.  Maybe nothing interesting's going on, maybe I have no wisdom to impart, or maybe the boys have me tied up in the closet.  Or maybe I'm just taking it all in and enjoying the days.  

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  1. Thanks for sharing, was wondering if you were going to post this summer! I look forward to your postings as they take me back to a time "way way back" when mine were little, always good to remember the good memories with our children.
    Thanks again,


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