Saturday, June 7, 2014

Sometimes being still and knowing your place in God's great plan is the biggest accomplishment of them all

Today a lady came to class with her entire mid section wrapped in plastic wrap.  She said she thought it would help her lose weight faster.  So I told her it may help a bit just as long as she never eats or drinks again ... replacing her fluids... because she's just sweating it out a little more under that sandwich wrap - like if we put her tummy in the oven.  Anyway, there's a perfect example of the many lies this world loves to tell us every day.

And today was the last day of school.  Maybe you heard loud and  joyful yelling coming from our house.  Followed by an afternoon of endless video games to celebrate.  And topped off with burgers and chocolate malts as any good celebration should. 

And I didn't take lots of pictures and Facebook share them with the world.  Pictures of certificates and medals and sports trophies just aren't important enough to me - today - to make that the focus of what my kids are about.  Another one of those lies the world likes to tell us, I think - that we are our accomplishments....  

Not to say  that I'm not proud of their grades and progress .... I absolutely am.  But I'm more proud of the things I can't take pictures of.

Like the days when choices were made for good.  Times that words were spoken in kindness to others, times of growth in maturity and responsibility and trust.  And proud of the times, 9 times out of 10... or maybe 8 times out of 10... that when these boys are out of my viewing area, they're the same boys that I see at home.  Maybe even better.  

I'm proud  of lessons learned.  Lessons spoken in an almost failed year of Spanish class, lessons with new band instruments, and even a couple of lessons in love.  Proud, also, not so much of the sports that they played, but of the courage to try out and risk the never ending question of Am I good enough to make the team?  

And yes, sweethearts, you were good enough for the team.  But bigger and louder and more important than that is that you are more than good enough.  You are good.  You are good inside, outside and all around.  Good in thought, and action, in love and caring, in laughter and rest and quiet and loud ..... and in all the mess of being 10, 12 and 13.... you are good.  

Your accomplishments this year are more than you can ever imagine today.  You started out the year hesitant and even afraid.  Wondering and wishing to be home instead.  You started out the year with high hopes, but also with a mark on you already - the memories of years past that made you wonder if this one will be any better - the mark of a learning difference that challenges you each day of your life.  You started new relationships and left others behind.  All while learning some do's and dont's along the way.  

You went on new adventures and gained more independence... widening your world to bigger than you ever dreamed the first day of school.  You tested some boundaries and my patience more times than I can count.  But I'm not counting.  

So boys, never listen to the stories of the world telling you that you have to achieve and move faster and forever forward to be a success.  Sometimes being still and knowing your place in God's great plan is the biggest accomplishment of them all.   You are exactly the person that you were always meant to be - already and right now.   Made to do amazing things that awards and certificates in the 4th, 6th and 7th grades can't even begin to hint about. 

You are at this beautiful age, looking into a giant well of possibility and opportunity in this life when you listen and choose your perfect calling.   And joy.  Joy, the award of all awards.   

And boys, my heart is forever full of hope and fear, of concern and praise.  Of tired and new-found energy for another day -  because you are worth it. 

For Ethan, Christopher and Sam.... so proud of you because you are you.  Happy summer break. 

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