Sunday, July 20, 2014

A mid summer's list

1.  I cut my hair really short and I'm about two weeks into my newly shorn commitment and still trying to decide if I like it.  And/or if I look like a boy.  Or my grandmother.  Really and strongly hoping I don't look like a boy.  Or my grandmother.   Husband says I don't but he totally knows better than to say much of anything else.  

So during the adjustment period I've pulled out the big earrings and the lower cut dresses to make sure that my girlishness is in full view of anyone and everyone at the grocery store and other places I frequent about town.  Because I lead such a full grocery store and public library filled social life.  

I did see a lady downtown yesterday in some rather come hither shoes and think maybe I should get me some of those to make me feel a little more come hither throughout my adjustment phase.  

But I'm growing into the hair and it's growing on me.  And maybe I should write a song or a poem to women everywhere about finding and feeling confidence in our own hair and skin.  And to build us all up during the month of July - national water retention month.  

2.  I came home from work about one o'clock-ish Friday afternoon and found kid 2 still sitting around in his underpants.  It's summer time at the Walters house.

It's been such a few lazy rainy days around here that currently on our TV is a documentary about someone or something that eats a steady diet of corn, squash, beans and giant spiders for protein.  And I'm 99% sure I'd have to be starving to make the spider part happen.  Come on over and watch the show and join our summer fun.  

3.  We saw this giant eyeball in downtown on a together day with the boys.  We found it fascinating. 

4.  Had a lengthy discussion with a man in the grocery check out line about how he thinks there's no chivalry left in America.  I didn't fully delve into the topic with him but smiled at his friendliness at the grocery rush hour.  

5.  Further grocery store fun.... saw the apprehension of some failed shoplifters.  It took 3 Dallas police officers to swarm the Kroger parking lot to handle the situation.  But while they were there I never felt safer doing my shopping.  

6.  And the reason I am forever at the grocery store.... we have found that summer brings out the hungriest behavior in our children and never till this point have we loved our public school district more.  Because around here it's free lunch for each and every student in the district - which saves all of us time, money, and the grief of making a million sandwiches each year.  But school's out and we have no lunch ladies here serving up lunch fare for our boys  So... I shop A LOT.

7.  Fireman Dave a I had a little argument discussion over my ultra sensitivity on certain topics he thinks not such a big deal.  Today... the size of the curds of cottage cheese. I say he looked into the carton to question the freshness and thereby the quality of my house and refrigerator food upkeep.  He says he was just checking to make sure the curds actually matched what it said on the label.  I say liar liar pants on fire.  I cant believe he thinks I'm too sensitive.  

And..... finally, because there's only so much time you have to hang out with the angels, pirates and thieves....

Today in church I'm not sure I got much out of it.  Or maybe I got nothing. But I can at least prove I was there.  People saw me and I came out with this question....

What is it that I really want people to know about God by what they see in me? 

I'm gonna give that some thought. 

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