Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Just catching up

The interesting thing is that just days ago in a sleepy state of mind or mindlessness, husband and I discussed if we thought we would have all our own teeth when we get older.  We both hoped for good in that one.  But the dentist vote is in... that he and all our boys will and I will obviously be looking into a low cost replacement option.   Or something.  
Because the boys and I went to the dentist the other day for our 6 month cleanings - and turns out I have another cavity.  And my boys who have not brushed their teeth since 2010 didn't have any.  Apparently I come from poor dental genes and I have large grooves.  Such freakishly large tooth grooves that I can't help but have a cavity every single time I go to the dentist.   That and having 3 kids so close together has some long term effect on the calcium in a mom's body.  So one day when I'm all bent over the table gumming my soft white bread like my grandfather used to do, I'll think of my three sweeties and smile a beautiful toothless smile. 

And what makes me the maddest is that I am the world's most compulsive tooth brusher and flosser.  And if there was an award for that, it would already be on my wall.  I'm the one you drove past the other day brushing her teeth in the car.  I'm the one that small children stare and point at in public bathrooms and ask, Mommy what's that lady doing?  Well, she's brushing her teeth in the gas station bathroom, sweetheart.  Because she's the winner of the  most compulsive tooth brusher award.  

Anyway, I'm just mad and maddened by the whole thing.   And I think I need to lie down to rest from the stress of it all.     

And I always think I'm gonna die or come just short of it every time I have to have something fixed.  Blame it on past bad experiences.  So I texted a few people on the way to the appointment to say my last words.  And I kissed the boys as they stared right past my fear and into the zombie game they were playing.

And I took fireman Dave with me to the appointment just in case.  Because the local anesthetic shot that they give makes my heart run a race, and with my history of panic attacks, it just isn't a good mix.  So he was there to save me in the event I needed saving.  But it turns out there's a special kind of anesthesia they give to people with heart conditions and nervous disorders, such as myself.  Medicine without epinephrine - so know that you can ask for that the next time you need dental work.  In case you and I are somehow genetically linked by poor teeth.  Or you also have Grand Canyon size tooth grooves.

But I lived to tell another story or two, and my back is even better so all's well that ends well.  And husband's back is recovering and he's back at work for the first time today hoping for no heavy people to carry down stairs.   

Along about day 3 of his recovery - a.k.a, the moaning and couch sitting days, I sent him off for his first ever massage.  And he wasn't nearly as concerned about if it might be the magic cure as he was about what or what not to wear for a massage.  I recommended, as I would to anyone, that underwear is a must and should always stay on in a massaging place of business. 

Anyway, he feels better and it was worth it.  He may even want to do it again some day.  But apparently he went in and asked the young massage girl, How do you want me? - his words exactly.  And they may or may not accept him back as a return client.

And our power went out on a 102,000 degree Saturday afternoon when I was trying to make homemade bread.  The bread cooked for an hour and still turned out looking like this...

Then the lights went out a few at a time, and the air conditioner slowly rose to all new heights.  And then the house screamed and squealed a long painful sound like on the show, LOST, when the survivors of crashed Oceanic flight 815 would forget to press the island's crazy button.  

So the boys sprayed each other with the water hose to cool off.

And David heavy breathed a whole lot and stomped around a whole lot more, and then we called in reinforcements - our neighbor and friend who is a house contractor and can fix anything and everything.  And then terrific things happened when he discovered and fixed a 50 year old fuse that had blown.  Simple as that when you know what the heck you're doing.

And then all was right with the world.   

Which is as it should be.    


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  1. Great post! I can picture you all with this story!

  2. and every bit of it true.... that's the best part.


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